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The Walking Dead Episode 2 REVIEW THREAD/ SPOILERS!!

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All right, tell us what you thought of this one.

Please keep spoilers in tags until Saturday, June 30th, so that we're sure Starved for Help has released on all platforms and people wouldn't enter this thread not having played the episode.

/edit: All right, this doesn't seem to work. So, it's a spoiler zone here now. Take care.

No spams here, just reviews please!
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  • Did you notice how
    nobody cares about the deaths of denny or this crazy woman in the camp.. i mean hello? they become walkers, dont they? yet in that prison they are so eager to kill larry even tho it aint even clear if he's dead already lol.. just my 2 cents.. found that kinda funny
  • As Kenny said they were LOCKED IN A FREEZER WITH A 6-3 300 POUND MONSTER
  • yea that might be true but.. maybe he could have been re-animated ^_^
  • i will tell you want i think when its actually available for download on the psn, which it isn,t yet.
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