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Episode 2 Question. (spoilers?)

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Im having trouble at the part when u enter the farm house and Brenda has kennys wife. i keep getting shot because i dont know what to do. i see no action option or if i standstill nothing triggers.
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  • You gotta keep walking up towards her SLOWLY it will give you an option to talk. Choose your answers CAREFULLY and keep walking g towards her.
  • Does it pull anyone towards her because i literally taking my controller and put it down when she says stop and she still shoots me. i even have the option setting to show actions but none show up.
  • walk slowly til she points gun, then choose nice/calm option wait til she puts gun back against head, rince and repeat
  • Just push your stick forward and keep your prompt layout over her. You keep moving forward and talk to her a couple times. You'll get it. Just keep moving towards her.
  • Ughhh i give up. after 15 times of getting shot im done. it doesnt pop up at all. i seriously take 10 minutes to walk up to her till she points the gun. just to make sure i dont over step....I was excited to play this episode. Now i cant beat episode 2 ive lost passion :(
  • right, SLOOOOOOWLY walk towards her until she starts to raise her gun, as soon as this happens STOP, move cursor over her and choose the PEACEFUL OPTION, let her bitch for a little while then she will replace the gun to that useless cows head at THAT POINT SLOOOOOOWLY walk towards her again, every time she starts to raise the gun STOP moving and be peaceful/polite or whatever with her, eventually youll get passed this retarded section.
  • 2 hours later i have given up and come back to still die :(
  • My inner rage is about to explode.

    Try tapping the left stick. Tap forward. Tap. Tap. Start to move the right stick talk when you can. Tap. Tap. Tap. talk. Don't hold forward and are you sure your controllers fine?

    I have a controller where the left stick leans slightly up after pushing up on it.
  • I'm getting beyond PISSED about this part. I've been doing everything suggested. I'm beginning to think I'm bugged out and will be restarting. I take a tiny step. Stop. I have the cursor pointed at her the entire time. No freaking options. Anybody that had problems get it to work yet, or is this a terrible bug?
  • This is actually much simpler than you think.

    Just push forward on the stick to move and stop dead in your tracks when she points the gun at you, then click on her. She will point the gun back at Kat and you can move again.

    She'll only shoot if you move while's she's pointing the gun at you.
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