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The Walking Dead Episode 2 REVIEW THREAD/ SPOILERS!!

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All right, tell us what you thought of this one.

Please keep spoilers in tags until Saturday, June 30th, so that we're sure Starved for Help has released on all platforms and people wouldn't enter this thread not having played the episode.

/edit: All right, this doesn't seem to work. So, it's a spoiler zone here now. Take care.

No spams here, just reviews please!
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  • Oh and only got two negatives for this episode. First is that it was laggy as hell, and also I thought that although my brightness was up to the max, it was still hard to see things at times. I liked how some parts of the game were quite creepy/morbid at times as well.

    Edit: Yeah I don't get what was up with that woman. At first when I was watching that recording I thought she was Clementine's mum but it doesn't seem like it after watching all of it. I got very confused about that whole recording though.
  • toothiersnow;626269 said:
    dear christ i hope your just trolling me lol
    I'm not.....

    EDIT: sorry, that horse image was too funny not to post.
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