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After, King's Quest, what about Police Quest?

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Actually, a series that might better fit the serialized structure of Telltale game's development might be Police Quest! So after giving us the pseud-mideviel period in KQ, maybe they could give us a new adventure of the blue knights of Lytton?

One thing that would make it work well, was that PQ series was split into 'days', and you really only had access to a few areas each day! Clues would lead you to new areas, and there was the occasional car chase, and arrest in the early games.

Thus Telltale could easily split the game up into seperate days. They could have the overworld map of Lytton (or other cities) be the way you get around to the areas that are required. But you would have to learn about the areas you need to get to during your investigation or from radio dispatches!

The central main area, like in the early Police Quests would be the Police Station! That would appear in every chapter!

Plus the game would allow for Telltale to to tell a gritty story, but with some humor here and there; Death messages, stuff like the newspaper articles about King Graham and Daventry seein the first and second game (which they could make references to Telltale's KQ series), the software collections installed on the Police computer systems, and other stuff akin to the "Grimlin", (a humorous series of gags that occured in PQ1), and mixed into random conversations in the game with other people in the force or answering machine messages received dialing in random telephone numbers (or numbers written in the records)!

Another good series that could be split up into separate games/chapters, but reuse a limited space is the Laura Bow series.
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  • Wasn't he one of the officers you could choose for your team in SWAT 1?
  • Nah, he was a chooseable character in SWAT2 as far as I know. Made the best element leader, best stats all around.


    SWAT 1, is the FMV one, so its characters are limited. You always play as the "SWAT Pup".
  • Oh right. You don't have teams in SWAT 1, you are yourself in a "team".
  • I'm not sure there's a lot to be gained from using the specific "Police Quest" IP. I suppose if King's Quest does phenomenally well and other Sierra series are relaunched this way, it would be a viable candidate. But I don't think it has the nostalgia appeal that Sierra's other franchises have, and someone could create a good, solid police adventure without using that slightly awkward name. (Are the Police really Questing, or just doing their jobs?)

    On the other hand, I'd rather see Police Quest 5 than Blue Force II. And Telltale definitely prefers to work with established IPs instead of marketing from scratch, so who knows?
  • It would technically be Police Quest 7, btw! SWAT 1 and SWAT 2 had the PQ5 (Police Quest 5) and PQ6 (Police Quet 6) names in the files and when you quite the game, and on some of the 'about screens'. PQ4 was also treated the same way, with abreviations in the files, as you quite the game, not the title screen.

    But anyways, I would think going back to the basics for the next Police Quest, would work, since as a "quest" game they can advertise it off the succes of the KQ series. Much as the series originally was done back in the day.

    PQ still has a following. That's why its seen releases several times over the years.

    Speaking of PQ I've been playing L.A. Noire and it kinda reminds me of PQ in some ways. But its more of an open world sandbox style game with cases in between. It's set in the 40-50's. It might be viable to make PQ in a similar format.
  • I need to get back to L.A. Noire -- I bought it last December when it was on sale for $24.99 on Steam, and could have waited for it until this week at $4.99. Ah, well -- I was curious to see the facial-capture technology. (I found it kind of weird, because now the facial and vocal performances are wonderfully in synch, but the heads now seem like they're stuck onto awkward, stiffly-animated puppets.)

    I agree that the L.A. Noire template, with a more structured adventure, could work as a Police Quest #N. (And thanks for the info, I have the two SWAT games somewhere around here but have never played them!)
  • I got the 7.49 Complete version , with all the DLC off steam. (75% off sale)
  • I've been meanin to get LA Noire myself as well. It actually could be pretty interesting to get a PQ game with a sandbox feel to it, but still with a real plotline.

    The game could develope from being a patrol cop to detective with non plot related missions being related to your current status.
  • You know I'd like to see alot of side missions. Don't relate to the main story, but just add to the world! Randomized car chases, and arrests. No two games alike. Things to do between missions of the main storyline. Maybe get some bonus (pay) to use to buy things in between missions. Maybe some his everyday life outside the job. Want to buy a new car, while you get around in your civilian garb? Use the cash you make through the game.
  • BagginsKQ;622637 said:
    Nah, he was a chooseable character in SWAT2 as far as I know. Made the best element leader, best stats all around.

    Ah, I was going to say! I have his profile on screen right now. (Too bad there's no-one there named Max. I could've set up the Freelance SWAT element!)

    SWAT 1 is fairly decent, certainly. If a little lacking. They say no two call-ups are the same; they are in this one!
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