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best telltale game?

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what is the best telltale game and why?

also, what other games do you want to see
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  • Sam and Max Season 3 is the best because it is the most hilarious.
  • The "whatever's on your mind" thread game.
  • coolsome;621097 said:
    The "whatever's on your mind" thread game.
    Can't argue with that! XD
  • ToMI and SnM:S2.

    Haven't played a lot of the others though.
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    My personal favorite is ToMI, but I may be a bit biased towards Monkey Island titles.

    I also really liked Sam and Max seasons 2 and 3.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Noname215;624339 said:
    The Walking Dead.
    This is definitely one of my favorites. It's too early to really judge, but so far episodes 1 and 2 are my favorite Telltale games since the Tales of Monkey Island episodes.

    The plotline seems interesting so far, and I like the design choices (especially the branching paths between episodes). They also do seem to be having more adventure style puzzles as the episodes go on, judging by episode 2 (although nothing brain-bending yet. Hopefully they keep adding more puzzles and more difficulty in future episodes. I also like that the hold-your-hand gameplay introduced in Back to the Future can be completely turned off (or turned off piece by piece in the options.

    I like it so much that I hope that some of the design and gameplay choices are carried over to future episodes (just like the cinematic camera angles and direct control were brought into games after Wallace & Gromit).
  • Favourite Telltale game? Hmm. I wasn't as enamoured with S&M Season 2 as many others here were, though I had fun. I haven't completed Season 3 yet, but I think I've completed enough of it to have a solid opinion on it. I quite liked SBCG4AP. TMI was ok. At least it had inventory item combination, however ridiculously overplayed and "special" they made it out to be in execution. Honestly, it should be common knowledge to attempt to combine inventory items on each other by now. Ridiculous.

    Where was I? Well, certainly anything after TMI isn't going to pass. Walking Dead looks like they ironed out a lot of the lameness from Jurassic Park, but the jury's still out. Either way, it's not the kind of games I've been wanting to see Telltale make so I'm still not ranking it as a favourite even if I do finish them all. I'd probably have to say, all things considered, that SBCG4AP was my favourite series.
  • The walking dead.......

  • The Walking Dead: Season One. And Back to the Future is a close second.

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