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[WD] Can't Play EP2 on PlayStation [RESOLVED - restart the game]

posted by American398 on - last edited - Viewed by 13.7K users
Hey guys, i have downloaded Episode 2 from the playstation store and installed it. when i got to play it, it sends me back to the main ps3 screen, i have seen other players have this issue also, any fix?
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  • awesome same problem here
  • same issue. seriously they make us wait 3 freaking months for the game to be release then they cant even give us the benefit of monitoring the forums and replying to us having the ps3 boot to main without replying and at least telling us they working on it, seriously wtf COME ON JACKASSES
  • Been watching TWD release uber thread closely (both of them) and patiently waited on the sidelines.

    Watched Xbox get it, watched PC get it and now I have it.......
    BUT, oh wait, its broken? Can this be? Surely with as much time spent silently (Some storm) in preperation it can't be?

    Have the day off, not sitting around waiting for some game to come out. Who can afford to do that anyways and please, fill me in.

    Not going to repeat the same shit everyone else has said, that horse is unrecognizable but, I signed up only to stress the bad taste that's been left in my mouth by this unfortunate turn of events.
  • Hi, just downloaded episode 2 for my PS 3 and it will not lauch. I click on my last save and click on PLAY episode 2 and it just kicks me back to the main PS3 menu? Any ideas?
  • The PS3 release is not working. I downloaded the episode and installed it normally, but now it just boots me back to the selection screen (like others have described here).
  • Yeah same here :/ my heart was racing when it was dowloading but then I tried to play and nothing :/
  • When i load Ep. 2,
    it exits the game,
    and takes me back to my home page!

    What am I doing wrong?
  • This is not an isolated event involving a handful of Playstation 3 systems. The official Playstation blog is exploding with complaints. No one can play Episode 2.

    And obviously, I'm having the same problem. After selecting episode 2, the game kicks me out to the dashboard.
  • your not doing anything wrong, were all having the issues and these butt bags refuse to answer us as to whats going on.
  • jbFromNYC;628028 said:
    When i load Ep. 2,
    it exits the game,
    and takes me back to my home page!

    What am I doing wrong?
    There's something wrong with Episode 2. No one can play it...
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