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[WD] My saves are lost

posted by IngiPall on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users
So, I was going to play episode 2 and I apparently my saves were gone.

I have it on Steam.

What can I do to retrieve my saves?
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  • bump , same issue
  • Hey guys, so when I tried to start episode 2 today, it asked me if I wanted it to "automatically make random choices for skipped episodes". I played ep1 all the way through twice and now all of my saved game slots are empty. When I'm not running the game, Steam still has my stats and shows my unlocked achievements..yet my saved games are gone when the game is running. Is this permanent? Please help, thanks for your time.
  • Ditto. I bought mine from the TellTale website. Tried loading a save for episode 2 and it gave me the option for random choices. Clicked no and it refused to let me go any further. Went back to episode 1 then pressed continue to find myself driving down the highway with the police officer. Pressed rewind to see the available chapters, and they were all gone.
  • Seems like I'm not the only one. I really don't have the time to play episode 1 again so I'd like to be able to continue with my own choices.
  • My saves aren't showing either. I'm on a MAC. First I can't transfer Steam saves to Telltale, and now they're not even loading up. If I have to play through episode 1 for a third time because of save loss I'll be a longtime fan finally giving up on Telltale.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    There were similar cases before. You can try if this helps.
    Make sure you backup the folder before though, in case it doesn't work as it should.
  • DjNDB;628329 said:
    There were similar cases before. You can try if this helps.
    Make sure you backup the folder before though, in case it doesn't work as it should.
    This is obviously not something that should have to be done! I know nothing is perfect, but one of the biggest aspects of this game is the continuity from episode to episode. Clearly, lots of us are having issues with erased games as well as choices being changed from the first ep. Something has clearly gone wrong and I'm hoping a telltale rep will address this soon. It's just a shame, it's been quite the wait for this release and with this current doesn't make me feel too motivated to play. I'd just like to know if it's a fixable issue. Thanks again
  • Help please. I bought the Season Pass for The Walking Dead on PC. Played through Episode 1 a few times. I downloaded Episode 2, but when I go to play it there are no save files to choose from. It just has 3 slots that say New Game.

    I looked under "username\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead" and there are save files there.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    BTW...I also have it on 360 and have played through it. Absolutely amazing game!
  • i went to play ep2 and all i can pick new game? if i load my ep1 save it just ends and takes me back to the menu and asks if i want to generate random choices, which i don't, so it just takes me back again. i'm really lost my save from ep1 IS listed unlike some others here did my post make sense?
  • I've already re-downloaded this episode three times, and it is still giving me problems with saying "Get". For some reason my other save file has mysteriously disappeared, and yes I am playing on the only profile I play on. No need to worry about HD space I have a Final Fantasy 13 Elite with 100 gigs of space left. Let me know of any news on this guys.
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