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[WD] Changed choices.

posted by franapbsilva on - last edited - Viewed by 16.6K users
Hey TTG!!!
I started playing the Episode 2 today, and my choices were changed!!!!! Wath the Hell??? I saved Doug in the hand, but in the second episode Carley it's still alive!!! :mad:
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  • Mike;628829 said:
    Few more questions as we attempt to narrow this down.

    What type of user accounts are you using? Are they admin accounts?

    What OS are you using?

    Have you uninstalled the game previously, or have you reinstalled the game recently?
    1) Admin account, yes

    2) Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    3) Game has remained untouched since original installation
  • Mike;628776 said:
    Have any of you tried right-clicking the game's executable and then clicking Run As Administrator? If so, are you still experiencing this issue?
    Just making sure but are we supposed to click 'continue' in the menu under episode 1, or 'play' under episode 2?

    Tried twice so far running as admin and it saves the right person. I'll try a few more times and see if it's consistent.
  • Using admin account, I'm using Windows XP, and I've never uninstalled the game previously.
  • Had the same problem, I saved Doug but Episode 2 started with Carley. Replaying the two last sections of Episode 1 fixed the problem for me, though.
  • From bad to worse!!!! Now not even with the wrong choices!! Now it just shows me a black screen, a music and a axe at the item list!!!!! :(
  • Okay, running as admin saved the right person 6 times out of 6, so I do believe that fixed it for me. I'll play through the game now to see if the other choices are correctly reflected as well.
  • Running on admin did not fix it for me.
  • I'm having the same problem, I saved Carley but the game thinks I saved Doug. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit on an administrator account. Running the game executable as an administrator didn't fix it. I'm playing the game on Steam and haven't messed with any of the files since I installed the first episode.
  • Just a idiot check, was having the same problem and realized i wasn't clicking the right option.

    I found you have to click Play, then your saved game, then the arrow at the top which will change it to episode 2 then hit play and it worked fine. Kept all my choices.

    I was doing what some people here were i bet and thought it was broken. I orginally thought i just finish episode 1 and it automatically starts 2 which is not the case.
  • Same issue as everybody else mentioned.

    Saved Doug, now have Carley.

    Playing on PC/Steam
    Win XP Pro SP3

    Also played game new, all the way through, same effect. Saved Doug, Carley is in intro. This is pretty awesome!!!!
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