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Episode 2 Food Question *spoilers*

posted by Sir Craigius on - last edited - Viewed by 3.3K users
So I've barely got started and already hit a moral dilemma. Who the heck do I give the 4 pieces of food too?

My first impulse is the two kids should automatically get fed. Doesnt feel right letting kids starve. But that leaves two pieces of food left. I saved Doug over Carly btw.
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  • I gave it to the two kids, Larry, and Mark.
  • For me it was Clem, Duck, Kenny and Mark. Tough choices, no simple answer.
  • Mark and Larry die by the end of the episode, so they will not be around too long to complain. I did not feed myself and had no issues playing the rest of episode two.
  • Wow, might want to read the original post and note that the author hasn't finished episode 2 yet. Who dies is kind of a major spoiler. They're probably done by now, and it is a thread marked 'spoiler', but still. =)

    I fed Mark, Carly, Duck and Clementine. I tried to give food to the lady on lookout but she wouldn't take it, and I decided I'd rather let Larry get weak even if it made his daughter mad. Being trapped in a motor inn with a shaved gorilla is not my idea of fun. Mark needed energy to work (Beef Jerky) and Carly was shaking so I figured she was in a really bad way (Apple). Those cheese and cracker mini-packs are basically candy so I figured the kids would like them best.
  • I gave apple to carly
    crackers and cheese to clem and larry,
    jerky to duck.

    since feeding the kids keeps kenny and his wife happy.

    and feeding larry keeps lilly happy and helps with future intereactions

    and feeding carly is a good moral up keep for her.

    though with the survivor and ben getting a free meal later on their walk back they may eat but the " friend" points aren't there.
  • kikyouchanx;628992 said:
    I gave it to the two kids, Larry, and Mark.
    I ended up doing this as well. The kids were a no brainer. I couldnt watch kids go hungry while feeding adults. Just feels wrong. I gave Clem the apple and Duck one of the cracker packs. Feeding Duck seemed to be enough to please his family, so I decided to feed Larry (even though I didnt really want too) to also keep in good with Lily. Gave him the beek jerky. Jerky for the JERK!! Mark was standing right next to Larry and working on the wall as well, so I gave him the last piece of food out of pity. It would either have been him or Doug.

    When I play through the game again I probably will give Larry and Marks portions to other people, especially knowing what happens later in the episode.
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