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I don't get why people saved Carly

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I never got the reason why people saved Carly over Doug, I mean for ffs Carly put the batteries in the wrong way and she didn't even know how to work a radio.

She was a good shooter but Doug was smarter than her imo.
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  • Doug is pretty brave too now that I think about it.
  • [Spoilers]

    You make a joke about the battery thing at the end of episode 2.


    I picked her because, even though she knows about me, she's on my side about it, and she's trustworthy. She's loyal and, especially after this episode, she's a good friend.
  • I picked her because she seemed the most dependable and kind. Besides she's an amazing shot and a valuable member of the group. Also putting myself into Lee's shoes she's a potential love interest, in regards to my decision, everything went better than expected.
  • I personally think that somebody that's good with a gun is more valuable in a zombie apocalypse, than a guy that's handy with programming a remote.
  • I actually saved Doug because I missed the purse holding her clips.

    I intended to save Carly, but I moused over her and got no option, I did with Doug, so I saved him.. It wasnt till later I realized I needed to click her purse.

    But, with that being done, I was glad it worked out that way because she knew of Lee's past, and so did Larry, but after EP2 was over, they're both dead. I have no Idea if they both lived and knew of Lee's past if it would make much difference, but at leaste it's not a concern now!
  • I can think of two reasons to save carley 4 if you like posteriors as well
  • I'm happy I saved Carley because she's on my side about it, she said that nothing matters about what happened before the zombies. Plus Larry is dead so I don't need to worry about him fucking things up.
  • Because my protagonist has no problems with batteries whereas he has no pistol so he can handle all the battery related emergencies and she can do the shooting. Plus the dude was fat. Also when the time comes to repopulate the earth he sure as hell isn't going to do it with that other horrible woman.
  • I chose Carly because she can use a gun, and because she was trustworthy. I do plan to have a Doug playthrough though. Poor guy.
  • Doug eats "half the biscuits" Carley ate "some" on the way over
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