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I don't get why people saved Carly

posted by Joshua1991 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.4K users
I never got the reason why people saved Carly over Doug, I mean for ffs Carly put the batteries in the wrong way and she didn't even know how to work a radio.

She was a good shooter but Doug was smarter than her imo.
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  • Hmm nerd who can program a remote or crack-shot hottie who saved my life? Girl can't seem to figure out how to put batteries into a radio but she can shoot the wings off a mosquito at 300 yards...with her eyes closed.
  • nerd makes an early detection system
  • I saved Carly because I figured she could use her gun to shoot the zombies that were grabbing Doug.

    I guess she didn't like him that much after all.
  • shoot them in... the arms?
  • CapnJay;629344 said:
    shoot them in... the arms?
    Right, because we're making decisions from hindsight rather than from what Lee knows and can see at the time, in the time frame given.

    There were holes in the wall and she's shown to be a crackshot.

    You could argue the other way around and ask why Carly didn't just pistol whip the one that grabbed her. Of course, how the hell did Doug get grabbed in the first place? What was he doing, reinforcing the 2x4s with his body?
  • Alot of people screwed up in that scene
  • CapnJay;629369 said:
    Alot of people screwed up in that scene
    I explored both options and still saved Carly for the exact logic I stated above. Neither choice is a "screw up." :)

    There are holes in the wall and when I'm pretending to be Lee, making a decision, I figured Carly could make the shot.

    I also figured there was a greater chance Doug could pull away (and less likely chance the 2x4s would break) than Carly having enough brains to use the butt of her gun (and a greater and more imminent danger of her getting bit on the ankle.)

    I didn't "weigh" their lives based on who they were, what gender they were, what the knew or what they could contribute. They were human beings and I reasoned a decision that I thought had the best chance of saving both of them.
  • The honest choice would be grabbing clementine and running away
  • CapnJay;629395 said:
    The honest choice would be grabbing clementine and running away
    I agree, why not just snatch up this beautiful girl/ future leader/ savior of mankind and just go somewhere with her, that way you can 100% make sure she is always safe instead of going of to save people I could give two shits about. :D

    Or is that just me...
  • Why wasn't Glenn there to help them? WTF?
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