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Who did you give food to the first time?

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Me? I gave clem and duck some cheese and crackers, carley the apple and kenny the jerky.

On my " doug version " i tried to give him some food but he refused ( doug is awsome btw, really does make up for the fact that he aint as purdy as carley ) so i gave some to clem ( she LOVES apples btw ) the apple, duck the jerky, and mark and larry the crackers ( at this point, i already knew marks fate from my " carley version " and just felt really bad for him ) and i wanted to be nice to larry also, given his fate.
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  • The kids, Lilly, and myself

    Doug and Katjaa rejected, Larry and the army guy are dead, and Kenny said the kids were what he would have done anyway so no issues there :p
  • if you offer carley the apple, she will take it, doug refuses either way
  • she takes the apple if you gve her that, did you give her the meat? lol god id love to give her my meat....
  • I gave the kids the cheese and crackers, Mark the jerky (aftar Carly turned it down) and Larry the apple. I didn't even stop to think that people might have preferences, lol.
  • Doug talks about jerky on the walk over and says he loves jerky
  • yeah but he dont accept it, the heroic mosuckra that he is! lol
  • cheese and crackers to Duck and Clem, half an apple to Larry because even though we weren't friends I felt bad because of his poor health, and finally jerky to Lilly because I sided with Kenny at first about bringing the new people to the camp, but saw her point when she handed me the food to distribute.
  • I gave Clem the jerky (I meant to give her the crackers but I must have mis-aimed) and Duck cheese and crackers. That made Duck's family happy, so I decided not to feed them.

    I fed Larry because I figured that would keep him and Lilly from getting cranky, plus his age and condition made it seem like a good idea. I gave him the apple.

    I offered to Doug, knowing he would say no, because I figured the offer would make a good impression. When he rejected it, I gave the last cheese and crackers to Mark because we didn't know whether Ben was as starving as us plus I figured at least one person would get angry if I fed the new guy instead of taking care of my own group.

    No negative responses to my choices from anyone, but I am curious - did anyone feed Ben?
  • The St. Johns did
  • I gave the piece of apple to Carly, the jerky to Clementine, and the the last two items to Duck and Kenny, respectively.
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