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I don't get why people saved Carly

posted by Joshua1991 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.5K users
I never got the reason why people saved Carly over Doug, I mean for ffs Carly put the batteries in the wrong way and she didn't even know how to work a radio.

She was a good shooter but Doug was smarter than her imo.
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  • Carley in episode 1 knew your secret which made larrys blackmail useless Doug didnt however since Larry never used the blackmail eh.
  • Doug and his laser pen, oh the adventures we will have.
  • VagrantWulf;629610 said:
    Choice 1: I lose ammo like there's no tomorrow. [Carly]
    When has Carly ever missed a shot? I figured the other one would just inherit her gun and waste ammo regardless. (I don't know first-hand what Doug does in chapter 2, tried to play my 2nd playthrough onto episode 2 just now but the save system is borked and I've now lost ALL my progress)

    I think Carly just has a misunderstanding of batteries. Personally I always had trouble telling the Greater Than and Lesser Than symbols apart, and that's not much worse than not knowing what end of a battery is + or -. That she didn't check if there were any batteries in it in for the first place is a little harder to excuse ... At least they joke about it later.

    I saved her on my first playthrough because the gun was a lot more useful right then. It also seems like a good idea to save somebody who already knows Lee's secret and trusts him anyway. I think everything gets found out eventually, so the less people I have to lie to, the better.

    That scene was really all kinds of messed up. Whoever you save, they dash out and leave you alone to save Clem. Total jerks.
  • simple fact is most twd players are guy's and like having a pretty girl to pwn over in a game and the fact she has gun is like viagra

    nuff said.
  • I saved Carley and after episode 2 she is my favorite. A good girl, and a good friend.
  • Cuz she had the gun, that was pretty much it. It was such a split second decision I thought maybe she could help me save him but it was not meant to be.
  • VagrantWulf;629617 said:
    That's an incredibly depressing answer.

    Carly: A person who exists to be sexually objectified and saved only for that reason! Because golly gee we're straight and we want to bang her.

    So depressing.

    See, this makes my decision regarding Doug even more concrete. :P
    We respect that you are gay, but you should respect that we are straight.
  • Lars80;630070 said:
    We respect that you are gay, but you should respect that we are straight.
    too assume he's not a male chauvanistic pig and so he must be gay?

    NICE ONE..
  • I saved Carley because she saved my ass previously when that zombie jumped Clem in the drug store. Wishful thinking had me hoping her gun could save Doug too.

    Also, she was real cool about keeping the whole 'convicted murderer' thing on the down-low.

    Either way it was a damn tough call to make as they both seem to be super friendly, super useful characters to have around. Personally I really enjoy those difficult split-second decisions with no obvious right or wrong answer.
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