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Who did you give food to the first time?

posted by Dr Lance VanBoobenHousen BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 16.6K users
Me? I gave clem and duck some cheese and crackers, carley the apple and kenny the jerky.

On my " doug version " i tried to give him some food but he refused ( doug is awsome btw, really does make up for the fact that he aint as purdy as carley ) so i gave some to clem ( she LOVES apples btw ) the apple, duck the jerky, and mark and larry the crackers ( at this point, i already knew marks fate from my " carley version " and just felt really bad for him ) and i wanted to be nice to larry also, given his fate.
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  • CapnJay;629538 said:
    The St. Johns did
    technically he was back at the Motor Inn when it all went down but plus one internets to you. :P
  • I had no idea that each person had preferances....oh well.
  • I gave to Clem the apple, Doug cheese and crackers, I wanted to give to Lilly some food and crackers but she told me that she didn't want anything from me and I didn't insist so I gave to Carly and she didn't want either so I keep for myself. Ah,and I gave the jerky to Kenny. Katjaa didn't want anything.

    I'm sorry for Larry but he didn't eat that day muahahahaha. I didn't give him my axe either.
  • I hate duck, but I gave him cheese and crackers.
    Because realistically I'd make sure the kids eat first.
    I fed Clem of course (apple)
    I tried to feed Carley, but she declined.
    So I fed Mark and Larry.
  • If you talk to everyone, it makes the choices kind of obvious. It did to me, anyway.

    Three people outright state they're hungry: Larry, Mark, and Clementine. The others don't ask for food. So I fed those three, then Duck. (If you offer food to Katjaa, she says to give it to Duck anyway.) I made sure to offer some to Doug too, so he turned me down but remembered it later.

    These are the best choices, in my opinion, because you appease everyone. The new guy doesn't need food as much as the others because he just got there. Lilly is appeased when you feed her dad, and Kenny's whole family is appeased if you feed Duck. So no one's disappointed.
  • I gave Clem and Duck the crackers and cheese, Carley the apple and Mark got the jerky.

    Looking after Clem was a no-brainer. Duck is annoying but still just a kid and feeding him kept Kenny happy, too. Carley was looking rough with no sleep and she'd had my back all through episode 1. Mark was helping out a lot (hunting/fortifying the camp) and was clearly fatigued. And Larry... is still a prize cunt. :)

    I found Clem, Carley and Mark to be the three most likeable/dependable characters in episode 2. Katja's been nice and reliable too, but she hasn't had a lot to say or do yet.
  • Crackers to Clem
    Crackers to Duck
    Apple to Mark
    Jerky to Doug (He refused)
    Jerky to Kenny
  • I gave Clem the apple first (glad I did, she looooves apples <3 )

    Wasnt going to feed one kid and let the other starve so gave Duck the crackers and cheese. This seemed to be enough to please his parents, so no food for them.

    Even though I hated Larry at this point, I decided to give him the jerky to try and get in Lily's good books.

    I had intended to give the last piece to Doug, but Mark made a rather pitiful comment about the smell of the food driving him crazy, so I gave him the other cheese and crackers. He was helping maintain the wall after all, so I guess he needed the energy.
  • I did not feed the citrus child
    I fed Doug, Mark, Lilly, and the Duck-ster.

    And i feel good about my decisions.

    Viva la Revolution
  • /sigh... that was such a hard choice!... I gave the cheese and crackers to the kids, of course, that was a given.. I wanted to give the other two foods to Kat and Lilly(the women) but Kat was hard at work so I gave the jerky to Lilly and the apple to Mark, just cause he was bein a little girly boy, sayin he felt like he was gonna pass out lol. The rest of us manly men can handle it! I was going to be nice and give the apple to Larry just cause he's old, but I was like, naah, he's tough, and will probably get himself riled up and die of a heartattack soon anyways.. I was totally right, lol. But he had good reason for getting riled up this time! :( Dang, I'm kinda feeling sad now... he was an asshole but that was a crappy way to go out! May he rest in peace! lol
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