Save games after downloading EP2

Well i just downloaded episode 2, it seems my saved games are gone!
anyone else got this problem?

I don't mind playing ep 1 again (so that ep2 doesn't start with random events) but i would rather start ep2 with my "old" save game :confused:


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    same thing happend to me dunno why
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    Same here. :confused:
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    Mine disappeared too. Sad. :(
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    Yea when i choose play ep 2, it erased my file and started on the first one. I just can't play at all i t keeps sending me to 1st ep

    this one was on the pc version btw
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    Same here. Had to start over last night after already playing ep. 1 and 2 when they released. Got on to play more this morning and the game keeps starting from the beginning.
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