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Sam and Max soundtrack sheet music

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Hey guys,

I've recently discovered the Sam and Max games and love them, especially the great music by Jared. I play the piano, and I've wondered if you guys are going to release the sheet music to the soundtrack, cause I (and I imagine most of those who play any musical instrument here) would love to play some of the themes.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Due to Jared's time not being exactly leisurely, pumping out over two hours of newly written and performed music in five months (along with much of the voice direction and sound design for all the episodes), I don't think he really prepared clean sheet music for anything other than the handful of saxophone and trumpet parts which were recorded live for the episodes. I will enquire about it, but honestly don't get your hopes up too much!

    Also, I'm sure that if you wanted to create your own arrangements of a few tracks, people would be more than appreciative if you posted them back to the forums!
  • two hours in five months doesn't really sound to much...if you don't have a clue how much time you spend per minute..
  • wisp;63007 said:
    two hours in five months doesn't really sound to much...if you don't have a clue how much time you spend per minute..
    Try it sometime. And with sound design, mixing/mastering, VA recording (which will come up to a huge amount of time in recorded voice in itself). Combine that with planning as well as not getting everything at the same time, so each episode would be separate. That gives you 4 weeks to write, record, mix and master the music, do the sound design and direct/record the VA for a fairly large cast for a small game, along with preparing it to be sent to the programmers to fit into the game. I did something similar (minus the voice acting as it was filmed rather than animated) and about 45 mins of music took roughly a month or two to really badly do (my sequencer died so everything was played on a one track recorder to the film and downmixes of previously recorded tracks. It would've helped if I could play keyboards better...)

    Some bands don't even write that much music (and in varying styles) in half a decade. More if you're Axl Rose.
  • It seriously isnt that hard to arrange sheet music just from listening to it. Sibelius is your friend.
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