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Spoilers! Brenda Glitch

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After a long wait for episode 2 of The Walking Dead, near the end i find out i cant finish it because There is no option for Brenda when she takes Kennys Wife hostage. Does anyone know a way to fix this glitch? I go through the door and when i walk forward i get shot and there is no option to talk or anything.
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  • The same problem happens with the PC version. First time around I could talk to her once before she blew my head off. Second time, no dialogue option pops up, so all I can do is go forward after going through the door and get my head blown off. It's clearly a glitch with the game.

    Also, I noticed the character keeps automatically walking forward when she points her gun at you. I'm guessing that's the actual glitch, the character gets stuck in the walking forward animation, and so you get your head blown off before you can initiate the dialogue.

    To clarify, it's impossible to stop when she yells at you to stop and points her gun at you.
  • agree to disagree....

    once i figured it out there was no problem, so imo it is down to player error / lack of patience and it's sort of a puzzle.

    also the sensitivity maybe to blame or you have faulty equipment if lee moves with out your input...
  • Its just really really sensitive. Do not hold down the walk key! Instead single tap it forward like u are typing to someone w w w w w w w w. Once she starts talking stop immediatly. This method does not fail.
  • tbenci;629981 said:
    What is it with you fuckwits, people who play games just as much as you are telling you it doesn't work. It doesn't for me and it doesn't for a lot of other people...

    This is software, software has bugs and we don't need rude soft cock fan boys calling people idiots... it is a glitch and coupled with the ridiculous amount of time you have to wait for an episode it is the VERY last time this mob will get a cent of my money
    Try it the way I suggest and post oresults... please :). I had the same issue.
  • As others have said you just have to barely move forward, do not hold down the w (if on PC). I kept getting killed over and over (and thought it was a glitch). Finally I just barely tapped forward, waited a second to see if Brenda started talking and pointing the gun and I got the interaction. After about 3 interactions a walker grabs her at the top of the stairs. It isn't a glitch you just have to inch your way forward and it works. Good luck to all.
  • Not sure about the glitch, but when Lee called her a bitch, she shot him.

    I wonder why? :D
  • Its not a glitch, just don't walk towards her when she's pointing the gun at you. Pretty obvious if you ask me.
  • You people just dont get it! Just because it doesn't affect your game doesnt mean there is no bug/glitch! Like I said, when I used REWIND and started the chapter over, and changed my decisions it worked fine the first time through, no problem at all. It is NOT player error. The steps I took the first time were
    1. Killed Danny
    2. Said to Brenda "Yeah its me"
    3. Walked through the door, once she raises her gun to shoot you just get shot no matter what.

    Second time around
    1. Spare Danny
    2. Said to Brenda "I left Danny in the Barn" or whatever
    3. Walked through the door, got the hotspots and completed the chapter effortlessly from there.

    This should be looked into by the developers as I now have to play knowing I didnt kill Danny.
  • Woder;630077 said:
    Its not a glitch, just don't walk towards her when she's pointing the gun at you. Pretty obvious if you ask me.
  • Milosuperspesh;630116 said:
    How many times do you think I did that before using REWIND? IT IS A GLITCH. You cant just tap it and be patient. No matter what you do with the choices I made it wouldn't work. Change the choices, works like a charm. By the way when I did complete the chapter I didnt need to tap it. I could just hold up until she raised the gun, let go and repeat.
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