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The speculation Thread!

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it had to come up at some time, so i decided to do it myself. this thread is for the speculation of their new game announcement. as said in an interview it wont be sam and max, hopefully thats further down the line.
I'm guessing it's bone the comic book character. any hints troy, Brendan and Kevin?
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    I really wish this was lil' Guybrush Jr. *Sigh*, one can only dream. :(
  • I really wish this was lil' Guybrush Jr. *Sigh*, one can only dream. :(

    It's pretty safe to assume that LucasArts will never outsource one of its own intellectual properties. We can only hope that they'll see that there is a market for LEC adventure games and start up development again. And this time, follow through. It's a fool's hope, but that's all we have at the moment.

    In the meantime, Telltale's got a REALLY creative team, and I'm sure they'll create (and license) new characters who we'll be clamoring for more games to be made from.
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    Not sure if this has already been pointed out but look at the newest update here:

    "Dude, I cannot WAIT!"
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    like, it would be rad if he like, says that um, his game is like, coming out, like, real soon man. but like, no joke dude.

    and just, um... like, how much hash does this dude smoke?
  • pardon my ignorance... but what is "dudebrough"'s relation to Telltale? I think I missed something.
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    There isn't much to know, except telltale released this site which we know telltale owns, and that Brendon probably wrote it. The rest is just guesses.
  • ah, thanks :) . I didn't know it was specifically Telltale's doing. I thought it might be a blog from one of us.

    EDIT: I didn't think it was "serious" blog, though ;)

    That's very interesting...

    I was checking out the links for Dudebrough's favorite bands on that site, and saw one for Los Straightjackets . I had bought one of their CD's last week for my Dad's birthday. He apparently likes surf music, too. Something I did not know about my Dad. B-)
  • It's also pretty much been assumed that Theodore Dudebrough will be the star of one of Telltale's "smaller" games. I'm guessing Dank the Caveman is another as well.
  • I think it's possible they could be in the same game. Imagine Dudebrough somehow (blah blah blah science jargon) gets hurtled back in time to the days when cavemen were eaten by dinosaurs. And Dudebrough would fit right in, 'cause he's kind of primitive, himself. Maybe.

    Okay, probably not.
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