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Regret saving Doug?

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Do any of you regret saving Doug?? I chose Carley on my first playthrough, and after finishing Episode 2 I don't regret nothing. She was able to save us by using her handgun, and Doug saved us with a laser pointer. Like really a laser pointer, do you guys really think he'd be able to pull off something like that without getting himself killed in the future?? And also on Doug's way back to the motor inn he ate half the biscuits in the basket, clearly he wasn't thinking about the other survivors which isn't a good thing. In the end I think Doug really needs to be taught how to use a gun, since we don't really see him using guns. Lilly could probably do something similar to how Andrea gave shooting lessons to Rick's group in the comics. What do you guys think?
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  • Carly ate half of the biscuits as well if you remember, she "volunteered" to stay behind with ben. The interesting things that keep carly around you didnt even touch on, was the extra dialogue options that happen between Carley and Lee on the way to the dairy farm about his past/ crime he committed. Also she hints at him stepping up in a leadership capacity which was a neat sequence. However the doug parts, he does try to save your bacon, he hits the zombified teacher in the face right away where as carley takes her sweet time to shoot the thing off of you. He also builds some pretty cool stuff like the zombie alarm system and is very loyal right off the bat it seems... but id say he provides a more campy comedic style of convos where as carley seems more serious
  • Regret saving Doug? Not a chance. His little alarm system proved useful at the Motor Inn, instead of Carley all of a sudden pointing the gun over the fence.

    Comedy genius.

    The laser pointer was brilliant. He is odd, not useless. He can get results.

    He fixed the camera for me.
  • Hell no. Honestly, I see Doug as the most useful member of my group now. He's the only adult who doesn't seem to have any personal agenda that I feel like I'm going to have to worry about. He tries to keep a sense of humor, despite all the hell that's going on around us. He's proven himself useful many times over AND he refused the rations that I offered him, which let me spread the food around a little more. I'm siding with Doug 'til the end.
  • That is true I found on my second playthrough with Doug, his convos were funnier. And really I don't remember hearing about Carley eating half of the biscuits too. Yeah, it was pretty cool that Carley thought Lee is fit to be the leader of the group. That could break the tension between Kenny and Lilly's rivalry for the leadership of the group. Hopefully if Kenny and Lilly don't think Lee should be the leader, the other members of the group would step up and put it to a vote so Lee is in charge.
  • BlankCanvasDJ;630303 said:
    AND he refused the rations that I offered him, which let me spread the food around a little more. I'm siding with Doug 'til the end.
    You do know that Carley also refuses the rations. It is possible to give them food, they both like unique foods, for example I heard that Carley likes apples and Doug likes jerky.
  • Its funny ive seen people say that here as well that carley refuses rations, in my playthru she ate that apple with zero apprehension.. maybe its specific to what shes offered?

    Either way i think each will provided a unique feel and provide different elements... i dont regret killing one or the other each is drastically different ( which i like alot so that u dont just get generic convos that went with whoever you saved)
  • I'm really glad I chose to save Doug. The fact that he's smart and makes garbage useful (as seen in this episode) is a huge advantage. I would take a smart person over a person with a gun everytime. Besides, his little comedic remarks make me see him as an adorable, loyal puppy, and that's just a nice extra to the heart-wrenching experience of the game.
  • To me Doug became very useful. I saved him in my main play through.
  • It's always good to have a nerd with you. Carley's a reporter with shooting skill, but what if she runs out of ammo? Is she going to stab something with a pen? Doug will make use of whatever he can and maybe fix the walkie talkie. I'd take both over Kenny.
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