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Regret saving Doug?

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Do any of you regret saving Doug?? I chose Carley on my first playthrough, and after finishing Episode 2 I don't regret nothing. She was able to save us by using her handgun, and Doug saved us with a laser pointer. Like really a laser pointer, do you guys really think he'd be able to pull off something like that without getting himself killed in the future?? And also on Doug's way back to the motor inn he ate half the biscuits in the basket, clearly he wasn't thinking about the other survivors which isn't a good thing. In the end I think Doug really needs to be taught how to use a gun, since we don't really see him using guns. Lilly could probably do something similar to how Andrea gave shooting lessons to Rick's group in the comics. What do you guys think?
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  • I'm really glad I chose to save Doug. The fact that he's smart and makes garbage useful (as seen in this episode) is a huge advantage. I would take a smart person over a person with a gun everytime. Besides, his little comedic remarks make me see him as an adorable, loyal puppy, and that's just a nice extra to the heart-wrenching experience of the game.
  • To me Doug became very useful. I saved him in my main play through.
  • It's always good to have a nerd with you. Carley's a reporter with shooting skill, but what if she runs out of ammo? Is she going to stab something with a pen? Doug will make use of whatever he can and maybe fix the walkie talkie. I'd take both over Kenny.
  • After Kenny's episodes, Doug is the no.2 keep alive priority for me (just under Queen Clem obviously)

    He' good with tech, which will probably prove usefull at the train station in a month (or two)'s time, and he tends to stick by what you say, and he still thinks about the group, he declined rations. Doug also makes for a good comedy character, and Carly is a great motivator, but she came accross as a tiny bit too manipulative for me.

    Plus, after episode 2, (SPOILER)

    no one knows the secrets of your past if you chose to save Doug.

  • TheWaltzingBread;630452 said:
    Carly is a great motivator, but she came accross as a tiny bit too manipulative for me.
    In what ways did you think Carley was manipulative?
  • I chose Doug over Carley, mainly because I thought he was too cute to die.
    Plus, having an additional gun bitch in the group didn't sound too appealing to me.

    It was only somewhat later that I realized I also wouldn't have to worry anymore she'd tell anyone about my / Lee's past as a murderer since she definitely knew about that.

    Then again, she might have told the others already despite her having said the opposite.

    I haven't tried out EP2 with Carley in the group yet, but from what I read in this thread, this option seems to be a lot less interesting compared to having cutie Doug as a tech nerd with you.
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    Welcome back, Mermaid. :D
    NeonBlade;630293 said:
    He fixed the camera for me.
    So did Carley for me... with BATTERIES. ;)

    I have yet to see how the episode works with the guy. A second Doug save is at the ready. A "save Doug save" so to speak.
  • Vainamoinen;630486 said:
    Welcome back, Mermaid. :D
    Thanks Vaina! :D
  • BlankCanvasDJ;630303 said:
    Hell no. Honestly, I see Doug as the most useful member of my group now. He's the only adult who doesn't seem to have any personal agenda that I feel like I'm going to have to worry about. He tries to keep a sense of humor, despite all the hell that's going on around us. He's proven himself useful many times over AND he refused the rations that I offered him, which let me spread the food around a little more. I'm siding with Doug 'til the end.
    That. After playing EP 2 I am glad I picked Doug see seems like the best to have in the group. Plus he setup that alarm thing out of junk so he might come in handy. Just about to play my Carley save so I can see the difference. However since Doug was not to much of a factor in EP2 because he stayed back at camp so I think this was done so they can have less options to carry over since if you save one over the other it can make some crazy mess in the coding from the game. I know since I majored in school in Computer Engineering.
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