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I don't get why people saved Carly

posted by Joshua1991 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.4K users
I never got the reason why people saved Carly over Doug, I mean for ffs Carly put the batteries in the wrong way and she didn't even know how to work a radio.

She was a good shooter but Doug was smarter than her imo.
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  • milosuperspesh;630044 said:
    simple fact is most twd players are guy's and like having a pretty girl to pwn over in a game and the fact she has gun is like viagra

    nuff said.
    this. :d :D
  • VagrantWulf;629613 said:
    They're pretty equal in regards to humour moments with the characters. Doug had his in regards to his beloved laser pointer, which I found hilarious.

    Also, interesting that physical attraction factors into whom should survive, there! That might not be in your best interests at the end of the day. >_>
    I'm half way through my doug playthrough, but so far, Carly came to my rescue at the car with her gun, while Doug was nowhere in sight. Physical attraction can be part of it, but what of the trust she gives in keeping Lee's secret? My Lee is taking a liking to her character, hoping she can be a LI. It will be all the more terrible if she get's killed off, where Doug I wouldn't be as sad.

    Also, I liked the dialogue with Carly when they first arrive at the Dairy Farm a lot better. She reassures Lee he's not a terrible person for the murder, and says she trusts him enough to be their leader. It's up to you to decide who you like better, but don't think I chose to save her simply because she was a damsel in distress.
  • Sealawyer;629255 said:
    She knows how to shoot. I think that counts for more then being able to program a remote. I have zombies chasing my ass not rogue tv's.
    Exactly! I chose Carly originally because she was a good shot. But I did hate having poor Doug die....I need to do a walkthrough with Doug during episode 2.
  • I saved Carley, because she's a gal. And yes, I could now add that she can use a gun, but I didn't save her because of that.

    "women and children first" ... that's how it was and that's how I would lie about my motives. The fact is though that she would (to me) be preferable to romance, than Doug :P
  • Doug seems a decent enough guy but i still think they both have secrets
  • because she has a gun
  • Why I save Carley?
    hmm... (really thinking, been a while...)

    1. She's interesting, I like to see where her knowing Lee's secret will go from there...
    2. no offense to Doug, given the choice would had saved them both.
    3. Doug had the look... lol
    the look any guy may have, I can't live without that girl... go save her Lee save her...

    seriously he's facial expression was like that, but I didn't notice it on the first playthrough, lol

    4. sad to say but with all that to back up, in the end (the catalyst) its in the genes...
    If I got lots of cons against her first, than even that gene won't make me save her...
    (I think, lol)

    if it were me, u know what I'd do?

    Lee: "Clem pass Carly her purse" (if too high, just knock it down for Clem or grab & pass to her hands)
    Than head to Doug & pull him back...

    Too fast to think? maybe, but personally in his shoes, when holding the door back, my eyes will still be looking around my surrounding thinking what to do next (friends say I think too much...)

    I can watch a show, play a game, talk to someone & eat at the same time, lol
    (not simultaneously with the eating & playing of course, when I got time I grab a bite)

    I may have noticed the purse (since I'm looking in that direction when holding the door) & that she keeps bullets in them when they preparing for battle

    on several occasions, someone was looking for something & I just pointed it out blindly where that item is.
    I never knew where it was until just a minute or longer ago passing by that room & I saw it just a few seconds as I pass by it minding my own business. dunno how to ignore stuff...

    people can't surprise me on my birthday :(
    unless I am seriously distracted...
  • Few reaasons...
    1. She was good with gun
    2. My lee had thing for her and likes her
    3. Also she knew your secret kept it for her self seemed trust worthy

    I kinda hope by saving the other guy you get different benefits..

    I could see the nerdy dude coming in handy to fix stuff or set up a strong camp but clary is better just shooting and holding line so ether way.
  • Doug sets up a badass alarm sistem. But he doesant get involved in the arguments like carley. But I prefer doug. Hes my bro.
  • I picked her because I knew more about her than I did Doug at the end of Ep 1, of which she saved Lee's life and Duck's as well. I'd have saved Doug, but the way he was trying to hold the window kind of made him as stupid as Carly with the batteries... Albeit with worse results.
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