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Crazy Lady in the forest Owned the car at the end? /SPOILERS

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at the end doug showed us the footage on the cam corder and it showed a clip with the crazy lady stomping something in a car, is that the same car you find at the end?

But if it was the lights have been on for a hell of a long time. idk but i was just thinking


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  • Episode 2 preview lee favored sniper rifles
  • I really hope that it's her car. Even though that I didn't take the food, it would be a shame that another group could retaliate towards Lee's group just because of the car.
  • I think it's actually someone taking a Crap's Car
  • I thought it was the woman's car, because you see it in the video. Not sure if that makes sense though..
  • It's clem's car thats her backup plan she had it all planned out. YOU SCREWED HER PLAN!
  • Doubt that it's her car. She had a camp and the car was far from there... also she was just too crazy to own a car with so many supplies.

    I suppose someone will be after us in episode 3 for looting the car.
  • Xalorien;629478 said:
    I have seen the the revelation! Hear Ye!

    Clementine purposely lost her hat, so that Lee would go "find" it. With that it was retrieved by the crazy lady, who in turn gave them up to the St. Johns. But why?

    Clementine knew she must act in order to keep the group from starving. Everyone else wasnt cutting it. Of course in the process, she had Larry eliminated for he was the biggest threat to her eventual "messiahship". The proverbial two birds with one stone, make Lee "find" the car of food, play innocent as to not alert her genius, and rid Lee's biggest threat.

    My friends, this is the mark of a true leader. All hail Queen Clem!
    To be honest, Lee many times comes to near something known as "The Messiah" trope if you puppet master him that way. Expect he does not love others that much. :)
  • CapnJay;630186 said:
    Uhhh my Suspicion started the moment they approached the motel im paranoid about everyone
    As soon as they said a word I knew: these guys wanna eat us. I think it was a bit predictiable.
  • Also, for those who couldn't make out what she was saying she said something like "as long as the bandits get food from the St Johns you'll be safe from them little girl". So yeah, we'll be fighting the bandits in the next episode as the Ep3 trailer also showed :D
  • pwnah;630447 said:
    it was a crossbow, one had a gun one had a cross bow.. but still should have taken it
    They also didn't take the woman's did they? Danny looked at it all creepy like and that was it.

    And I would be doubtful that the car was the woman's. As someone pointed out before, the battery had been keeping the lights and door chime on suggesting it had been recently abandoned. Not saying impossible, just not likely. Her camp was out of food, so if her car ran out of gas you'd think she would've taken some of the stuff back with her.
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