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F*** Kenny

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I told myself that I wouldn't do another playthrough until all episodes were out but after ep 2 I have decided to do another run with the sole purpose of treating Kenny like the piece of shit he is. It may not be my canonical playthrough but he has to pay for his cowardice somehow
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  • Im with Lilly myself, Kenny is a dick. That was so uncool that you just disagree with him once and he turns into a ass.

    At least you can disagree with Lilly and her father a few times and she doesnt act like a baby.
  • The_Ripper;630551 said:
    If you treat Kenny like a piece of crap, who saves you from Danny? Lilly?

    Anyone have tried this?
    Oops I was thinking with Andy. But yes she stabs him.
  • It was really interesting to see Kenny's character change. During the first episode, I really liked him. He was friendly, I helped save Duck when he was on the tractor, and Kenny seemed like he could be a loyal friend. Second episode, you could tell he was losing it and the stress was getting to him. I didn't like how he was always arguing with Lilly, and I refused to pick sides every time Kenny asked me who I'd side with. I'm not the type of person who picks sides, I'm a peacemaker and I try to help everyone get along. Kenny refused to get along. Then he demands that you crush Larry's head after Larry passed out, and if you don't do anything within 4-5 seconds, he says "YOU'RE USELESS LEE!" and then smashes Larry 's head on his own. Seriously, after that I was done with Kenny. He just needs to calm down and reason with people. Should have at least given me a few seconds to talk it through before making me decide if we should crush Larry's head. We didn't even know if Larry was dead yet, he could have just passed out and needed more CPR.

    Yeah, I'm done with Kenny. Telltale did a great job of developing his character in this episode though. Really interesting to see his character change under the stressful situations. For most of the episode I thought I'd pick Kenny, if I had to take sides but now I think I'll be siding with Lilly in the next episode.
  • For most of the episode I thought I'd pick Kenny, if I had to take sides but now I think I'll be siding with Lilly in the next episode.
    Yeah, I thought so myself, but in the Episode 3 preview it seemed like Lilly will start to lose it too... So I'm not sure if I'll continue siding with her, but we'll see in Ep3.
  • Lol!

    This is all pretty reactionary folks...

    Every member of the group so far has had bad moments, has been less than perfect, has done stuff that you would rather they didn't...

    Like real life... except that these people are experiencing life in extremis after the balloon has gone up.

    Lee, for me, is the glue that has to keep the disparate band together - he has to tolerate others when they behave like idiots, and to forgive and forget when they balls things up.

    Community & cooperation are the factors which give primate groups the advantage in survival over other species. We're in this game as prey hunted by a species (ie zombies) with advantages over us, which can only really be overcome by brain power in the context of a team/community.

    You're never gonna find a team where you agree with everyone, and if you hold a grudge, you are weakening the team. You may think that being a lone-wolf hard assed survivor is the way to go... human history will prove you wrong. In times of crisis it is strong communities that survive. You have to sleep, you will get ill, other people will have better ideas than you, your primate brain is hardwired for social interaction.

    Kenny ballsed up & let you down. Other times he hasn't. Maybe he saved us all when he mashed Larry's head. Forgive, forget, move on & try keep the team together at all costs, or we will be meat. Time for Lee to be strong.
  • i just did a "kenny all the way" playthrough... i felt really bad when i pulled lilly of her dad and kennys way is not always approved by clementine!

    overall, i think lilly is more trustworthy..
  • i think this will be an issue in part 3. the fact that you could say to him that he stepped over the line .
    and you backed him when it was his son in that position. that kenny will try to redeem himself in later chapters . realizing he went too far
  • JonathanEFearn;630640 said:
    While in Lee's situation end of Ep. 1, I would've outed Larry's action in the drug store. Then I would've taken a share of the supplies for Clem and myself and left.

    But there were options for Larry. They could have gagged Larry (to prevent a surprise bite) while trying to resuscitation him. Even pinned down his arms.

    I don't find Larry blameless in his own death however. He knows his own medical history, and that he needs to keep his blood pressure down. He did partially bring it on himself.

    But Kenny is a coward and a fool (I see where Ducky gets it! Ducky kept eating Markloaf after I ran in and shouted "Don't eat that!"). Maybe in the "always back Kenny" play through he helps with Danny. But in my try for Larry attempt, Kenny goes off half-cocked way too often. He sped out of the slaughter house, he ran out of the barn.

    And after he got shot, I found myself hoping he would die so the group could have a Katjaa unhindered by Kenny. Then I saw the "next time" video and was disappointed.
    Just a minor nitpick.. as Ben stated earlier in the episode.. the 'bite' has nothing to do with turning into a walker.. all you have to do is die. Then you become a walker. I let Larry die.. for a multitude of reasons. He's an ass.. He know's Lee is a murderer. But most importantly... having a 6'+ 220+ pound walker, in tight quarters with no *established* escape route... sorry.. better to be safe than sorry, and losing anyone else that was locked in the room. Definitely a self defense thing, IMO.
  • me and kenny are good ol buddies, when or IF he gets a vehicle i intend to go with him.
    also if you help him get rid of Larry, he does indeed help you deal with Danny, however
    dont expect Lilly to help you with the other brother when he wants to fry your face on the wire
  • At the end of the first episode I was just waiting for the moment I would have the chance to repay Larry for everything he did at the drugstore. But when the moment came I just couldn’t do it. Not that way.

    Lilly was desperately trying to save her dad and there was a chance to do it (and, in fact, I think you save him before the… you know). And if he died, Kenny could be there prepared to do what he did (by the way, great job done by the writers, I really felt like I should try to help Larry even disliking him).

    But I really got disappointed with Kenny. He can always redeem himself, but it seems there is no middle ground with him. You are 100% with him (no matter what he says and do) or you are an enemy.

    He is with the group only for security. If they get into a desperate situation he will simply flee with his family and leave everyone to die. The only thing that may avoid him from doing it is his wife (I think).
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