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Spoilers! Ending Choice!

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So how many people looted the car at the end and why? Personally i took the food becasue no one was around and we needed it. I then told Clementine it was ok. Do you think this small yet big choice will have a larger outcome?
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  • The situation had no "right" solution. The car was sitting abandoned. We had no way of knowing who owned the car, where they were or if they were even still alive. That means we would be leaving the food behind on the assumption somebody would eventually show up to claim it. Risking the group starving to death on an assumption like that would be foolhardy. They needed the food desperately. They had to take it.

    It would have been totally different if the cars owners had been there. Like Lee said, were not the same as the bandits. I wouldnt have forced an innocent family of survivors to part with their supplies. Would have probably begged for a few cans of food for the kids sake, but thats about it.
  • had to kill the brother/let the other die. the sickness would only continue and they would set out on vengeance toward the group for messing up their little sick world.

    i'm with those that did not loot the car. personally i wanted to reassure clementine that lee was still there for her by listening to what she felt was the right thing to do. as traumatizing and messed up their world has become, that poor little girl needs to know she still has a voice and her guardian listens to her.

    also loved the little battery 'jab' as a shout out to episode one.
  • I did not take the food....

    Honestly i looked left and all but i just had a feeling that who ever's car that way is gonna get pissed and want revenge in ep3.
  • I went all nice and spared both brothers, also leaving the food. It'll probably bite me in the butt later on. (The food part, not the brothers. I'm assuming they died after the generator gets busted.)
  • The choice in stealing the food was easy. Either we do it or the bandits will and they will find it sooner or later. Also, as others pointed out, the car was abandoned in a hurry.
  • Kat summed it up pretty nicely I think. In a situation like the one there in, the line between right and wrong becomes a little blurry. Actions you wouldnt normally consider suddenly become neccessery for sheer survival.

    Obviously the bandits and the people at the dairy went way over that line, but I dont think our group has strayed too far yet.
  • I didnt loot, but I dont think that was the big choice, the main narrative purpose of that episode was to decide who we were with, Lilly or Larry.

    I guess now its time to stress our loyalty to Queen Clem, bring it on telltale!
  • I didn't take the food but that was only because I'd killed Danny (I forgot/didn't notice Clem was there to see it) and Andy (too dangerous to keep him alive when he finds out the others are dead).
  • WowMutt;628868 said:
    Leaving your car open with food and supplies in it during a zombie apoc is just dumb. It's a time to be more guarded, even lock the door and take the key's.

    And who know's why the car was left abandoned, what may have happened to them. We were starving, could use the food and supplies.
    could have been the crazy lady car, when danny and lee came across her camp it was empty and nothing was there, maybe she came back to grab the tent and stuff,the hoodie could have been her kids, maybe she was gonna load up the car and grab Clem and hightail it out.
  • Dee Jay;631065 said:
    I didn't take the food but that was only because I'd killed Danny (I forgot/didn't notice Clem was there to see it) and Andy (too dangerous to keep him alive when he finds out the others are dead).
    replay the game and dont kill the brothers, its an awesome ending, plus you dont lose clems trust
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