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***SPOILERS*** Top 5 Moments/Scenes in The Walking Dead as of now?

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Man, I am seriously loving this game. I knew I loved The Walking Dead comics (the TV show is just all right), but this game captures the essence of what makes Robert Kirkman's stories so good. Also just like the comics, there are those moments that make you go "Whoa!", "What the...?", "Oh geez", "Did that just happen?" or any number of reactions.

So what are your top 5 moments as of now? Here are mine:

5.) Sandra Getting Hammered- One of the most satisfying zombie action scenes so far in my opinion. An intense one on one encounter with a zombie babysitter is one thing. An intense one on one encounter with a zombie babysitter using a hammer is another. It also feels incredibly gratifying in a comedic way to pull the hammer out of her skull and see the achievement "Adventures in Babysitting" pop up!

4.) Don't Eat That- You totally saw the twist coming halfway through the story, but it still did not make the twist totally tense. Thankfully the game allowed me to go upon my first reaction when discovering the St. John's horrible secret to rush down immediately and stop Clementine from eating a single bite. Mad props to the writers for knowing how to keep the story open ended and yet tailored to a multitude of ways people can play.

3.) Dividing the Food- Who would have thought two packs of cheese and crackers, a bit of jerky and half an apple would make for an incredibly difficult choice? Of course you will feed Clementine (Could you possibly say no when you offer her some food and the camera gives that close-up of her preciously innocent face?), but who else will you feed? This is probably the point where I not only felt the most tension from making a decision, but where I suddenly sympathized with Lilli in a way I never thought I would.

2.) Choosing Doug or Carley- The decision that sparked hundreds of threads. Part of the reason I love this moment is because of how much the developers plead with players in interviews to save Doug! It is also a great climatic choice at the end of a solid episode that seems to shape a lot of actions in the future. How much will Carley contribute over Doug or vice versa? That thinking totally makes me excited to replay the game with alternate choices once all the episodes are released.

1.) Larry's Death by Salt Lick- Through all of Episode One, Larry was my least favorite character and deservedly so because of all he did to piss you off. Yet somehow, the more light they shed on Lilli and Larry in Episode Two the more I started to sympathize with Larry though not enough to love him. And even then, I knew that no matter what I thought about Larry I would not want to knowingly kill an old man suffering a heart attack if I could save him. So I did choose to help Lilli and I did my best to try and revive Larry. And right when I thought we could save him....Kenny crushes his head with a salt lick. I was seriously so in shock when that happened that I did not know how to respond. My mouth was just agape for a few seconds like I saw a car crash (which the splatter could have very well been from it was so violent!). As much as Kenny wanted to do the right thing, I am still not convinced THAT was the right thing to do. This was the choice that not only changed how I perceived Kenny as a character but how refreshingly unpredictable the story can become (just like the comics!)


Share your thoughts too! I love hearing people's opinions on this.
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  • That's the problem. I do enjoy a good zombie story. It's unfortunate that this thing they call a game isn't such.
  • A lot of good moments, so in no partic. order:

    The death of Larry: Sure, we all hated the old coot, but he changed for the better when he found a place where he could finnally see a little peace. Just as I was starting to love him and understand his reasons for hating me, he drops dead and Kenny drops a block of Salt on his head while I was trying to bring him back. My heart sunk, and I thought Larry could have had a brilliant life if only he'd stuck around.

    Rationing: Other than taking sides and making us choose who gets to roleplay the last Oreo in a fat-fighter's class next, we had never really thought about who were our favourate survivours, this choice really made us think about that. The rationing also helped shed some light on the characters, like Doug and Carley, who both liked you enough to stand by you and decline food, despite having not eaten a full meal in a long time. That and those hungry eyes all leering at you when you get the food, you can already feel the guilt for the people you can't feed.

    Mark the Happy Meal: By dinner time, providing you sussed out that these folks had a little too much sympathy for Hannibal Lecter, you were keen to find out what happened to Mark, one of the least developed characters at this point (other than Ben). Finding out that these people had not only cooked Mark, but not only kept him alive to do it, was aweful, seeing him on the floor like that. This made a great point that Telltale was not afraid to cross the line with this series, and gave me a lot to think about what the next few episodes would hold for the group.

    The Georgia Farmyard Massicre: Going around sorting out the St.John brothers for what they did to the group was one thing, but the weather (which had been getting progressively worse throughout the episode, suggesting a metaphore for suspision) added a whole lot of depth to deciding Danny's fate, and saving Katjja from Brenda, nice to see Mark got a little more time in the undead limelight before we said goodbye. Walking away leaving Andrew to be devoured by zombie Brenda and the mob also left us with some chilling closure, who knows, as long as he was quiet, we might be seeing Danny again in episode 4/5.

    Doug or Carley?: I wanted them both to escape and be happy and blah blah blah, but the slow motion clips made it clear whoever I saved would be sticking around for quite some time. We were given little time to decide, and only what we learnt from the characters to decide who should live or die. In the end I chose Doug because I figured some electronic expertise could come in handy even when the power was gone, that and he seemed to take the apocalypse lightly and he saved Carley. I don't hate the others for saving Carley though, she was a lateral thinker, good with a gun and knew how people ticked.
  • Felldoh;630336 said:
    I don't have 5 but pretty much my top moments were the scenes with Clementine. For example when you fix the swing in Episode 2 and she was all happy saying "You're the best Lee!" that made me feel great. Also when she said that she hopes I stay lucky when Lee and Dan went out on the recon mission and when you get her hat back and she's like I knew you could do it Lee you said you would and you did. You know playing this game gave me a real attachment for Clementine, as well as most other people who played it because TTG did an awesome job of making the players Lee. These choices, bonds and struggles we have with others just keeps on making this game feel so real. And I think other game devs could take a look at this game and learn a thing or two about making a great story driven game which literally pulls the players right into it.
    I totally agree with this. Her being all happy about the fixed swing made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Also loved being able to comfort her when Larry died because I was just as shocked as her. Clementine may just be the cutest video game child in recent years!
  • By far my favorite moment of the series is when Clementine was snatched up by the brothers. Not because it was particularly epic or anything, but because for the first time ever, I cared enough about a video game character to become physically enraged at their peril. My adrenaline was pumping and in my mind I had already said "I'LL KILL YOU!" before it even appeared as a conversation option. That is why this game is amazing.
  • The entire relationship with Clem is something that will keep me coming back to the game even if it takes them months longer to finish then planned (although it is hard to wait!) Saving her from the zombies, the hammer fight where she gives you the weapon, and the closeness that she gets with Lee as time progresses is something fun to see in a game!

    The very beginning was great too. Just riding along, hanging out with the cop (I was nice to him my first time) and then all of a sudden.... we're crashing in to a damned zombie! Of course I expected something like that but the quick fight after was a nice surprise and a good way to jump in to the game!

    The heated argument in the Pharmacy was intense and really made you make some quick decisions. The first of many arguments like that but it was fun to try and listen and figure out your answer at the same time!

    Running downstairs to stop Clem from eating the human meat! I literally jumped up and was trying to yell at Lee, "Go go go go go!" Doesn't happen all that often but I wanted to save that little girl and have every time I've played!

    Larry's 'end'. It's hard not to include that because you're pushing, and just as his mouth opens .... SPLAT. :O I was dumbfounded! I literally just stared at my screen wondering WTF! I hope that's the first of many times!

    ... These are in no order obviously!
  • Just a minor thing that struck me a day after finishing episode 2, I really liked the part where Katja got grabbed by a zombie in the middle of a conversation with Lee. It was a real kick in the nuts out of nowhere that shook me out of my typical video game comfort zone of 'oh, this is a dialogue section, no immediate threats to worry about here'. Brilliant.

    Also, as CowManJones said above, Clem getting grabbed by Andy was a quick but powerful moment that really stuck in my head. Loving this series so far. :)
  • No order:

    - killing sandra / meeting clem
    - killing lee's brother
    - helping to kill larry
    - giving food to group members
    - giving the gun to the bitten girl
  • -Give food to 4 people when theres 10, it was a really hard choice, the kids was obvious but the other ones, man it's tough.

    -Stopping Clementine from eating the food. When I opened the door and saw Mark laying on the ground footless, I just, well I just didn't to anything, I was so in shock, (I knew something was going to happen with him, but this!?), and I just ran down to stop Clementine from eating and that bastard Andy pointed his gun at her,I just got really mad, and was so looking forward to kick his f*cking ass!

    -Irene at the motor inn was a heart breaking moment, to find out she's bitten and have to decide to givee her the gun or not, it was very special so thanks Telltale for making these epic moments!

    -Killing Larry for me was a pleasure, he didn't deserve better after he had done and said to me, why would you guys try to help him? He has called you asshole, motherfucker etc. and tried to kill you back at the drug store, man, why try to save he's life?

    -Saving Doug or Carley, man that was a tough one, I saved Doug becouse how often do you found a that kind of guy? He's very special and usefull, Carley is indeed a very good shot and a tough girl, but tought it was more usefull with Doug, we can find someone like Carley on the road I think annyway.
  • My favourite moments:

    5. Larry's death.
    4. The choice of giving the gun to the bitten woman in the first episode.
    3. Leg amputation at the beginning of the second one.
    2. The messages left at the phone at Clems house.
    1. Finding out that the dinner IS PEOPLE!!11one
  • In no particular order

    Finding Mark legless and realising that Clem is abut to chow down on some tasty man meat. I actually yelped out "DONT EAT IT!" out loud as I sprinted Lee down the stairs.

    The leg amputation at the start of episode 2. God that was intense. I knew cutting off the leg would be needed, but still tried everything possible to break the guy out before having to resort to using the axe on him. Shame the guy died anyway :(

    The end of episode 1 where the walkers begin breaking in and you have to work to keep the doors closed, with other walkers coming in through the window. And of course the dramatic choice between Doug and Carley.

    Having to distribute the food rations. God I felt REALLY guilty doing that. No matter who you choose to feed, someone you like will go without. Do you let the kids starve? Do you feed the A-hole Larry? What about Doug/Carley? Or Lily/Kenny?! Do you decide based on who you like best or who will benefit the group most?! AAAAAAHHHH!!! x_x

    The confrontation with Brenda and Andy. A very intense scene. Especially with the storm raging in the background and zombie Mark reaching for Brenda when your backing he up the stairs. And Lee going into rage mode and beating the crap out of Andy, before stopping when he see's his group is watching him. And then screaming "ITS OVER!!!" and walking away, leaving the broken Andy to the tender mercies of his undead momma.
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