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  • Gman5852;631276 said:
    They only eat those that are dieing anyway, or something like that.
    Well that's what they said they do but:
    1) How was Mark dying? If I remeber right he only got an arrow near the shoulder area, correct? I doubt that one could die from this. It's not like he was shot in the chest area. And they even had medical supplies (just for the wrong reasons)
    2) They don't seem to have a problem killing someone (Jolene). And he was like 'nice that I got to use the gun today' on top of it.
    3) They are so creepy when talking about the food and how awesome it will

    So yeah.. I don't buy it
  • i thought there arguement was simply 'you have to do what it takes to survive'? pretty sure they were on about since the world went to hell everything is different and the old rules dont apply anymore and they went straight ahead and got into the soylent green industry.
  • If there's 1 thing I've learned from the comic it's that if they seem too nice/friendly, they're usually up to no good.. if something seems to good to be true, it is.

    The cannablism was sooo easy to predict.. as soon as she wouldn't let me go in the house to check on Mark I figured he was going to be up there legless (I'm sure the comic readers *SPOILERISH* remember what happened to Dale!), and that's what was gonna be for dinner. My little trip with weird gun brother (honestly I didn't bother remember which was Danny and which was Andy lol) just confirmed my suspicion of them, and I kept wondering when I was going to get the option to just get my group the fuck out of there! They gave us so many hints, only a dimwit would stay there! I tried being up-front about it. "What's in the barn?" "Do you have a screw driver?" so on so on lol
  • I got a bad feeling about them and my top theory was that they were -SPOILERS!- cannibals. But I still really enjoyed the whole experience and the main plot twist for me ended up being -SPOILERS!- the meat locker scene in which Larry dies.
  • There were no surprises in this episode for me. None.

    [SPOILER]I didn't like the look of their faces (or their eyes) when I met the brothers on the road -- didn't trust them from the start. Trusted them even less when they began asking about the motel, who the leader was (which they persist about later on), how many people were there, etc.

    When you get to the farm, its obviously "too good to be true" (and so it probably is.) I wondered immediately how they could "trade" enough for the gas they needed.

    I guessed they were cannibals as soon as I spoke to the mother -- I mean, the *very first time* (I was certain as I could be without experiencing the rest of the story.) I didn't like her face either.

    The rest of what happened was just confirming what I knew (or "suspected", to be technically precise). What the bandits were yelling when they attacked you: "Give us our food", the mother's refusal to let you see Mark, the crazy lady: "I KNOW what you are!" and so on and so forth.[/SPOILER]

    I enjoyed myself, but I was expecting better after episode 1. And I wished they hadn't [SPOILER]killed Mark, he was cool.[/SPOILER]
  • I think I only guessed they were cannibals when you find the room. Add that to Brenda stopping you seeing Mark and it didn't bode well. Before that, and despite having doubts over the camera and the fence being turned on, I was trying to find a way to avoid going into the room so we could leave without getting on their bad side.
  • Squidbit;631247 said:
    I went back and forth between thinking they were good and bad. I knew for sure they were bad after the whole incident with the lady at the camp.

    I didn't guess they were cannibals, though, until right up when Mark says not to eat the dinner. I thought the lady's "dead" husband was in the house, and they were stealing organs or something for him. When I saw the box with old clothes and IV bags in it, I thought they were stealing blood for the husband. I still don't quite get why they would even have needed IV bags, I guess to keep people alive as long as possible to get more meat?
    IV bags make bleeding victims die faster.
  • The way i figured it out was in this order:

    -I could not see Mark
    After I ended up shooting the woman in the forest:
    -Found the bloody clothes in the barn
    -Leaving the conversation with Danny:
    ---Lee: I'll go and wait for supper
    ---Danny: It'll be a good one *THAT STARE*

    Then it just clicked and i understood what was going on.
  • fenom;631313 said:
    1) How was Mark dying? If I remeber right he only got an arrow near the shoulder area, correct? I doubt that one could die from this. It's not like he was shot in the chest area. And they even had medical supplies (just for the wrong reasons)
    1. Ruptured aorta, lungshot and so on. You can die from being shot where Mark was hit.
  • How can ANYONE not figure it out ?

    1) The guys tried to kill you (by turning on the fence)

    2) The crazy lady implies they're hiding something

    "You can't see Mark right now, you have to take my word for it, he's fine and needs to rest" "the diner will be ready soon"

    and of course the thing that sold it for me was Danny saying with an evil smile on his face "be ready, the super is gonna be REAAAAAL good".

    So before you break into the barn, you know that : they are murderers, there will be something special about the diner, Mark had a ridiculous injury and yet can't be seen

    I thought we would find him without his arm off (since he was shot in it) and was kinda surprised it ended up being the legs.
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