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  • I didnt know what was going on .. but I decided I didnt trust them the second they started asking too many questions about the group during the walk to the dairy.
  • i predicted the entire thing as well

    probably would have been a better twist if they weren't cannibals; and actually wanted gas in trade of food.
  • I figured it was Cannibalism the second Brenda wouldn't let me in the house.
  • Lars80;631369 said:
    1. Ruptured aorta, lungshot and so on. You can die from being shot where Mark was hit.
    Either of those things would have resulted in him not even being able to walk like he does and the ruptured aorta especially would be death in minutes. They were going to eat you and turned on the fence to arrange your deaths. Their "They were going to die anyway" line pretty much refers to their belief that "Well, you will probably get killed eventually anyway and since you were all starving you were gonna die..." It's bollocks in short, an excuse that doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Their whole plan lacks an endgame too, they were just focusing on surviving at the expense of anyone else.
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    No need to guess. The forum spoiled me before I could say "oh, that is an interesting thread titl... aaaaarghhhhh!!!". ;)
  • I thought something was off right away with all the help missing. EVERYONE died or left except the family? Seems off. And when I couldn't see Mark, I knew.

    I did play around with the idea the bandits were the farmhands.
  • I was paranoid the moment they approached their accents didn't help. Like Lily said "These backwater people give me the creeps" But to be completely honest i thought more that they were more rapist murderers like a rob zombie film then otherwise friendly cannibals like the Andale family in Fallout 3.
  • Lars80;631369 said:
    1. Ruptured aorta, lungshot and so on. You can die from being shot where Mark was hit.
    he was just shot in the shoulder, it wasn't that serious. he probably could have pulled it out and survived. i assume they took him upstairs, got him completely drugged off morphine; fixed his arrow wound, then cut off his legs.
  • I was wary on the walk over to the farm when they started asking those questions.I also kinda felt like they knew about lee's past seeing how they were interested in "knowing all about him ".
  • How many people you got
    Enough to defend ourselves
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