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F*** Kenny

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I told myself that I wouldn't do another playthrough until all episodes were out but after ep 2 I have decided to do another run with the sole purpose of treating Kenny like the piece of shit he is. It may not be my canonical playthrough but he has to pay for his cowardice somehow
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  • marcu5;631723 said:
    it is when you're not his family.
    True true. I sided with him totally throughout ep 1 + 2 because I couldn't stand Lilly/Larry so I guess that's why he's crazy side didn't pop out so much.
  • I think TTG has a Trust noone Mentality

    Larry punched you out and left you for dead
    Duck killed shawn
    Kenny killed larry despite he could be revived [and was according to devs]
    Lily is sneaking rations for larry
    Mark is telling Larry what you said in private
    The St. Johns are Cannibals
  • TMLC;631714 said:
    In the other hand, even if you side with Kenny the whole time he will turn against you and even let you to be killed if you don’t agree with his position to kill Larry without a second thought.

    I other words, until this point don’t matter what happens, you can’t count that [at least] this characters will consider the past before turning on you.
    Put yourself in Kenny's shoes. He saves your life at the drugstore because you have proven yourself to be an asset to their group, even without being loyal to him. When you choose to delay killing Larry (for some ill-perceived notion of maintaining strict morals), in his eyes, you are needlessly putting them all in danger. Why should he stick his neck out for someone who might end up getting him or his family killed?

    I don't think he killed Larry out of vengeance. This is why he smashes his head in, despite you making it clear that you won't back him up. He really feels that he is doing what is necessary to survive. He doesn't even sugarcoat it - walking back to motel, he flat out says that "we" killed Larry (I don't know if he talks to you or not if you side with Lily).

    Lily, on the other hand, is a spiteful witch. She stood there, with Clementine watching, and was going to let me die in front of everyone. Granted, I had just held her back while Kenny killed her father, but this is the same woman who didn't even want to help out my group that had two children in it in the first place. I think her loyalty is more questionable than Kenny's will ever be.
  • Someone contacts ben and tells him his girlfriend is held hostage unless he Lures Lee to an ambush point. Ben does it and then it turns out Bens GF was working with the hostage takers and they want to Lynch Lee and Doug or Carley comes to save him Doug with technology Carley with shooting the noose off
  • Sisterofshane, I’m trying to put myself into Kenny’s shoes. That’s why I not saying that he was a bloodthirsty killer. He had a good point about why to kill Larry and if the reanimation process failed I would be 100% with him. But you must at least try.

    And in fact, that’s not my problem with him. The real problem is that I’m the guy whom saved his kid at the farm. The guy that has defended his kid at the drugstore. The guy that defended and supported him after the farm incident. The guy that has been sharing information with him and that fed his son at the two opportunities that have been presented.

    The only thing I said was that we could try to save Larry before smashing his head (you may call that a “ill-perceived notion of maintaining strict morals”, but I consider it a correct position in a society; especially when civilization seems to be falling apart) and that was enough for him to forget all the things I have done for him and his family.

    All our friendship had gone to hell (at least from his point of view) just because I didn’t agreed with him about killing a guy that could be saved (it was a risk, but in the worst scenario we would still be able to kill him).

    And not only this, but also leaved me to die while I was trying to help him save his family.

    Lilly is surely not perfect (no one here is saying that anyone is, by the way), but until now she had stood for the group. If she doesn’t help you when you side with Kenny is because you had just killed her father while, in the other hand, Kenny does it just because you didn’t agreed with him immediately (no matter if you have always helped him and, after that point, continued trying to help despite the circumstances).
  • TTG messed up with Kenny it feels like a Slider game where Kennys slider just automatically shifts to the other side
  • CapnJay;631768 said:
    TTG messed up with Kenny it feels like a Slider game where Kennys slider just automatically shifts to the other side
    I guess the question is whether that's a character trait or a mistake by TTG for making him too far one way or the other.
  • pdlbean;631793 said:
    I guess the question is whether that's a character trait or a mistake by TTG for making him too far one way or the other.
    Considering the way he reacts when you try to reason with Larry at the first episode I think this may be just the way he is. But, at least until that point, he had been able to recognize later what you have done for him.
  • I REEEEEEEEEEEALLLLLLY hope that in EP3 when my duck saving larry threatening duck feeding kenny feeding Lee is confronted by Kenny for not siding to kill Larry that he Goes off on like

    "Listen up you son of a bitch! I have helped you and your family all the time i protected him from larry and saved him from the walkers I fed him and you! I even told Lily you were right but Your selfish racist ass thought I could pick a lock cause im black and then to top it off when I tried to give Larry the same chance I gave Duck and you treat me like i betrayed you. You want to be a fair weather friend then go ahead and you can fuck yourself while your at it!"
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