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Is there not a way to save your game?

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I played the game for 20min and then i needed to get off. so i wanted to save my spot but where is the option to do this? Seems kinda bad that you would have to start the game over from the start every time. Am I missing something or is this how the game is?
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  • You can only save the game if you're playing the full version. The demo version does not have a save feature.

    If you are using the full version, click the X in the lower right corner to access the menu, and then select Save from that menu.
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    I do have the full version...... Oh i think i need help...... the save option is not there.... Ill try reinstalling everything...
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    Ok i downloaded the game again and went to reinstall the game again. Now it says i have reached my limit on the computers its installed on. I just installed it on this one computer. Is there a way around this?
  • Hi Kraek,

    Please send me a PM with your order number and I'll take care of that for you. We recently learned that Out from Boneville displays that message (about the game being installed on too many computers) when it's not supposed to.

    Strange that you weren't able to save your game even though you'd unlocked the full version. Were you able to get into the game menu at all? It can be accessed through the X icon in the lower right corner or by pressing Esc on your keyboard. (Obviously you can't try that right now, but after we get your activation straightened out, that's what you should try... and if you did try that and there is still no save option, we'll go from there. Don't worry, we'll get it working!)
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    I downloaded the game form the link from my email and it would not let me enable it. So I downloaded it again from the demo page. Now everything is working and yes i have a option to save now. So I guess everything is working now. Thanks
  • Glad you got it working. Enjoy the game. :)
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