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F*** Kenny

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I told myself that I wouldn't do another playthrough until all episodes were out but after ep 2 I have decided to do another run with the sole purpose of treating Kenny like the piece of shit he is. It may not be my canonical playthrough but he has to pay for his cowardice somehow
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  • All I know is. If Kenny does end up dieing I demand the achieve "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!"
  • Oh hell yes to that
  • @TMLC, I didn't jump right away on killing Larry either. However, it's not like I didn't give Lily ample time to try to save him. Eventually I decided that it was too risky to continue to try, especially given how quick it takes someone to turn into a walker after death. There is no guarantee that, once Larry actually dies, that we will be able to contain him before he hurts someone. In fact, should he turn, I can guarantee that SOMEONE would have gotten hurt trying to stop him, and we can't afford to be injured when we still have to rescue Katjaa and Duck and escape from the farm.

    And when I said "ill-percieved", I was specifically referencing the "strict" part of strict morals. We are now living in the apocalypse. I don't think we are giving ourselves the best chance to survive if we remain completely rigid to a moral code that evolved from our species being the dominant one on Earth.

    Do not confuse this with abandoning all morals - I will always put the women and children first, because if we aren't fighting for them, then we have no future. I also believe we should try to help as many people as possible, as opposed to devolving to killing others for scraps of food, or eating people.

    Besides, I don't interpret Lily's or Larry's actions as those of trying to protect the group. To me they come off as putting their own survival above everyone else, and they don't even try to integrate into the group, like Lee and Kenny have.

    Besides, no matter if you wait until he's fully dead or kill him now, it is never going to be enough time for Lily to grieve. I can empathize with her, but I can also understand how Kenny will not let her emotional needs (nor my needs for moral fulfillment) jeopardize anyone else, including both Lee and Lily.

    Kenny may not always act like the hero, but he is certainly not going to waste his time and risk his life for someone who doesn't put the safety of the entire group first. He may be mad at you now (if you chose to try to save Larry), but given time and cooler tempers, it should be possible to salvage the relationship. The point when you try, and he rejects you, is when you should write Kenny off as a total loss.
  • marcu5;631723 said:
    it is when you're not his family.
    Lol. Yeah if your name isn't Duck or Katjaa you're screwed. I hated how he went all jerk mode after trying to revive Larry especially that little annoying part where he blurts out " hurry the F--k up lee" when you're trying to take the screws out of the air conditioner. I was like "yup someone is really letting their true colors show, aren't they?"
  • And keep in mind (because i forgot to add this to my previous post) that i was pro kenny all the way until that part.
  • I don't see why Kenny shouldn't emphasize the importance of that decision in the meat locker. It's a decision where failing to back him up will endanger his family in ways more direct and immediate than any other so far. Without thinking it may seem Kenny's just concerned about himself getting trapped in the meat locker with a zombie, but one has to remember his family has been abducted into the house and is probably in immediate danger, and Kenny'll be thinking to himself: "If I don't save them, who will?". He might even have been concerned for Lee's and Clementine's safety as well, considering I've sided with him most of the time.

    In any event, failure to back him up immediately and without thinking would be betraying him in a moment of dire need, no matter how reasonably you could explain your decision to him afterwards. It's hard to rebuild trust from that, especially considering you wouldn't even be alive anymore without Kenny.

    Kenny and Lilly are clearly two counterparts as characters. Let's see which one Lee and the rest of the group would be better off without:

    Kenny will so far have saved you twice regardless your choices: once by giving you a lift off Hershel's farm (I presume you would otherwise have been forced to walk through the zombie-infested countryside without any food or water), and again at the drug store, which brings me to Lilly; she won't necessarily ever save you (in my playthrough she didn't) but instead her dad, who clearly wouldn't be in the group if she wasn't, either, has tried to kill Lee once.

    Lilly and Kenny have constant disputes over the leadership of the group, and perhaps my only critique towards Kenny is that he's letting Lilly run things most of the time. Lilly's dad seems as though he ate as much as Kenny's whole family when there still was a lot of food available, and Lilly's rationing, though necessary in the situation they actually ended up in, would've been unnecessary if she and Larry hadn't been there in the first place. I also can't help but get the impression Lilly (due to her rationing) seems to be content with the group sitting on their arses slowly starving to death, while Kenny would at this point probably seek a new base for the group with more food supplies, or at least prepare expeditions to scavenge food from further away than the nearby forest.

    And finally, at the dairy farm: Kenny is instantly suspicious and the only one in the group taking initiative to find out what's fishy with the farm (which, as we all know, turns out to be quite a lot), while Lilly calls him paranoid but is just as suspicious herself, and just wants to leave asap.This would actually have been a valid course of action considering what happened, but probably impossible to conduct due to the fate of Mark. Kenny on the other hand arouses Lee's suspicions as well, which eventually causes Lee to investigate Mark's missing from the dinner. In the meat locker, Kenny actively seeks a way out while Lilly is, once again (drugstore dejavu) busy with her useless father.

    For these reasons, I will keep having Kenny's back whenever I can and get rid of Lilly at the first available opportunity. She's far too whiny to lead the group, has no special qualities and is just all-round unlikable.
  • Darcside;631822 said:
    Lol. Yeah if your name isn't Duck or Katjaa you're screwed. I hated how he went all jerk mode after trying to revive Larry especially that little annoying part where he blurts out " hurry the F--k up lee" when you're trying to take the screws out of the air conditioner. I was like "yup someone is really letting their true colors show, aren't they?"
    when he told me to "hurry the f--k up"

    i really wanted to wanted an "eat a dick!" response.

    and when lily asked me if i wanted to "loot" her fathers corpse. i wish lee responded a little more aggressively. a lot of what pisses me off about this game is how ungrateful people are towards me (regardless of what choices i made)

    i didn't even want to go to the damn dairy but they still blamed me for everything like it was my idea.
  • Sisterofshane,

    I think we are, at least partially, in a violent agreement here. Both of us agree that Kenny had a point about the danger of letting Larry turns into a walker, that was necessary to at least try to save Larry (unfortunately, the options of conversation don’t let you try this middle ground) and that no waiting time would be enough to please Lilly (at least not until her father starts attacking us).

    The big problem is Kenny’s posture after that. He may not be willing to die for someone who “doesn't put the safety of the entire group first” (like himself, for example), but he abandon the person always tried to defend him and his family and that even after what happened inside the meat locker was still trying to help him.

    He might be very angry at that point, but that is a very stupid thing. If he do something to salvage the relationship… ok. I’m not discarding him as a total loss yet, but it became difficult to fully trust him after that.
  • (...)
    About the moral part, I still think that try to save Larry isn’t a part of a moral code that should be abandoned. I’m not saying this should not be considered (I also posted that I would like to have the option to tell Kenny to be with that block right over Larry’s head just in case), but I would not do it as a first recourse like Kenny did.

    But surely some things are lost on the way. As an example, I’m not pro death penalty, but under that circumstances I would had voted to kill those brothers (if they wasn’t kill by the walkers). Or, as another example, I wouldn't have thought twice before taking the supplies from that car (but would had offered shelter if the owners had appeared; something that I’m sure Lilly, and possibly Kenny, would have opposed).

    Do you understand my point? Kenny is not exactly a bad person because of killing Larry. The problem is how he reacted later.
  • @TMLC, I completely understand your point of view, but I approach it a little differently because I have always tried to remain neutral between the Kenny/Lilly & Larry disputes. (I always intervene when I need to though, such as NOT letting Larry try to kill Duck, or killing Larry when I felt it was necessary). Kenny makes it very clear that he and Lily are never going to get along, and that it would be in Lee's best interest to choose a side (I saw this as a big narrative clue for things to come). So in my game, had I sided with Lily, I could see why Kenny would have reacted the way he did - it would have been a total betrayal, on top of placing everyone in danger.

    I do understand where you are coming from, however.
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