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Spoilers! Brenda Glitch

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After a long wait for episode 2 of The Walking Dead, near the end i find out i cant finish it because There is no option for Brenda when she takes Kennys Wife hostage. Does anyone know a way to fix this glitch? I go through the door and when i walk forward i get shot and there is no option to talk or anything.
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  • Jimeainct;630528 said:
    I downloaded it again and reinstalled now that problem now it's fixed. I hope that works for you.
    thanks for that, i'll give it a shot when i get home.
  • Still dragged my guy into triggering her shooting me. I'm gonna try a rewind and use different approach. Which completely goes against the "choose your own adventure" style the game is.

    I only deleted episode 2. Did u mean u delete everything but the save
  • I was stuck at this part for a good 10 minutes and it was very frustrating. I eventually turned the game off and tried to go back to the last auto save because I figured I was not supposed to go inside the house, but it would not let me exit the house once going in, and it autosaved at that point so I couldn't go back. Finally, I just got on the forums and found this thread and I tried a few more times, going a little slower and it worked.

    Not sure if this is a glitch or what, but regardless, it is poor game making by Telltale, they should have made this part of the game a little more clear about what you are supposed to do at this point. It's very confusing and frustrating, so hopefully Telltale will learn from this mistake.
  • Sounds weird. I'm playing on PC. I killed Danny, accidentally made the choice of telling Brenda that "I left him in the barn and he got what he deserved" and she still allowed me to approach her for dialogue options.

    It's a pretty simple mechanic; approach slowly when she points the gun at Katja, stop and look for a dialogue option when she points the gun at you. If that's not doing it, sounds like you've got a nasty glitch.
  • I'm having the same problem on the 360 version.

    When I first got to that point, I had killed Danny and then told Brenda I left him in the barn. I got the conversation options 3 times and I could see the zombie at the top of the stairs but she shot me each time after that because I screwed up.

    Now every time since then, no more conversation options and no more zombie appearing at the top of the stairs. Brenda just backs up a bit and then shoots me. I've tried rewinding to the barn and choosing all sorts of different options but nothing is causing those conversation options with Brenda to pop up again.

    Guess I'm stuck until they fix this. Hopefully soon.
  • tell her to "put the gun down...bitch!"
    hahahaha rofl
  • Hmm when I did the rewind maybe I should have tried the exact same responses again to see what would happen. Either way it was very frustrating to not be able to play the game and to autosave at the screen door where you are stuck in an endless loop of getting shot in the face.
  • Ok if this doesn't get psyched this week I'm gonna split. Such a great game ruined becuz of this glitch to me. I was at edge of my seat when I originally got to this but now I'm fed up.

    Redownloaded game and no dice. Still forced to walk into bullet. I have 2nd save back in episode 1 ill catch up to this point in ep 2. If sane problem and no word if patch I'm bouncing.

    That aggravated.
  • Ok so I ran into this problem, tried looking all around the entryway, I tapped the 'w' key, couldn't figure anything out, she just kept killing me when I approached her after the first dialogue box. So I Google it, landed here and read all the pages thus far and figured out a way for people to get passed this part whether you're on PC or Xbox...

    I literally had to TAP the 'w' key, wait 1-2 seconds to see if I triggered the response---and simply repeated that until she did tell me to stop again; to which I held my breath and was pleasantly surprised not being shot (repeat this process until she is grabbed, obviously). The problem is if you don't just tap the 'w' key (or however you do so with the dpad or analog stick) you literally will move "too far" beyond the zone of triggering just the dialogue and not overstepping your bounds with Brenda and getting shot.

    Visceral games should release a patch or something, because it literally is a matter of milleseconds of tapping the 'w' key and you're dead. I went the whole Epi. 1 and 2 thus far without dying, but now I have died maybe 5-6 times just because of some over-sensitive dialogue triggering mechanic.

    P.S. Wow, there are some useless and rude people on here. Try not being douches maybe?:)
  • craftyard;630558 said:
    Yep. This is a glitch. I left Danny alive, then tried to trick Brenda into thinking I was Danny. I open the door, walk up, and stop immediately as she points the gun at me.
    This is the bug, right here ^, I have tested it. It makes no difference if you kill Danny or let him live, what matters is the four way dialog option as you approch the house, if you pretend to be Danny you will always get the glitch, (this option is kinda stupid anyway, how does a black guy sound like a southern white guy??)

    If you use the option "where is Katja" the game tells you that Brenda has noticed you, then everything works fine
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