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***** was still alive!!!!!!! /SPOILERS

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So I was doing a second playthrough of Ep 2 last night and I noticed closely that Larry was still alive, he was talking in his breath before Kenny smashed his head and brains in.

Sorry if I'm late on this just noticed this!
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  • Jazzy;631556 said:
    You'd kill a kid for something his dad did? He wasn't even there nor the wife, and I thought we had gone past the whole "Sins of the father" thing centuries ago... :P
    Hell, I'd kill Duck just to spare myself from having to take an Excedrin as result of his "nails on a chalkboard" voice. The fact I'd be sparing a bunch of other people from having to take excedrin? Bonus!

    "Oh damn Kenny, sorry man, I thought he was a Walker that was huffing a tank of helium for fun"

    Besides, I'm not at all convinced Duck's a kid. My theory is that he's actually all of the entropy and nightmarish horror of a zombie apocalypse in corporeal form.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Lars80;631409 said:
    No pulse on the wrist simply means the systolic blood pressure is below 100.

    But Larry was dead. A heart attack that severe(Unconcious and not breathing after 3 seconds?) and you need a defibrillator to restart the heart. You can do CPR all you want, its not gonna make a difference.
    I was unconscious and not breathing for more much longer than three seconds with no heart beat. I was so forgone, I was turning blue. My sister brought me back with CPR, no defibrillator was needed.
  • Honestly I think that's what Larry would have wanted... he was so worried about being stuck in the drug store with little tiny Duck.. I think he'd rather have someone smash his brains in than taking the chance he might come back and eat his daughter and who knows who else in the room. Larry was an ass, but he loved his daughter and would do anything to protect her, and wouldn't want to risk coming back and hurting her. If it were Lee or Kenny down there I'm sure he would do the exact same thing without hesitation!
  • CapnJay;632086 said:
    i really hope that i have to choose romantically between lily and carley if she's alive because i'm good friends with both on my third playthrough the Fuck kenny playthrough
    Dude, it is really cool in my playthrough on how I started siding with Kenny in episode one, and when they thought Duck was bit, I misclicked on "Let's reason with them!" From then on you could feel tension rising, until the Larry situation, when I completely turned on Kenny for murdering Larry. Now me and Kenny are at each others throats big time.
  • I can't believe people think Larry is alive. Am I the only one who saw the salt lick crush his head? There was no chance of LArry reanimating as a zombie because, I thought, Kenny crushed his skull. Did I miss something?
  • The_Jesus_12489;632206 said:
    I can't believe people think Larry is alive. Am I the only one who saw the salt lick crush his head? There was no chance of LArry reanimating as a zombie because, I thought, Kenny crushed his skull. Did I miss something?
    Uhm... no after the salt lick we can all safely assume that he is really dead!

    question is, was he really dead before the salt lick, cause if you do cpr quick enough then he gasps for air just before the salt lick hits his head...

    question is, was he a zombie now or did he regain consciousness. i think he was alive...
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i get it. yeah he probably was about to reanimate then
  • his mouth opens a little like he's taking a breath just before the salt lick crushes his head
  • I guess since TTG confirmed that Larry was alive (I didn't see the confirmation, but I guess others did) he wasn't quite dead yet. Kenny jumped the gun, it would've been the right call if you knew you couldn't revive him, but even if you have a heart attack you don't just die. If that were the case, no one would ever need to get the paddles because you just declare him dead on the spot.

    I don't think I'm going hold it over Kenny, but he does need to relax. The tension he is causing is bad for the group.
  • RoboSheriff;631581 said:
    larry was alive and wasn't a zombie, because his skin wasn't greyish like when the teacher/student died in the truck.

    i didn't knew what to say when i tried to give CPR to the guy and i just saw a salt lick falling on my left lol.
    Huge difference between Larry and the teacher/student.

    Teacher - leg chopped off, Student - Shot

    Both of those guys bled out, which I'm assuming was the cause of the greyish color.

    Larry wasn't "dead" long enough for his skin to change colors.

    Also. To me it doesn't really matter if he was dead or not. You can't take the chance and be locked in a freezer with Zombified Larry.
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