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Stuttering/Lag/Choppiness (worse when moving mouse)

posted by Kordank on - last edited - Viewed by 810 users
I recently started playing TWD: Episode 2. When I first ran the game, it ran smoothly and without issue. After taking a break, I started up the game again only to be greeted by horrible stuttering/choppiness. This issue was much more noticeable when moving my mouse cursor.

After messing with the graphics settings (turning everything to low, turning most of the options off, and turning everything to high, trying different resolutions on different monitors) none of these actions resulted in a playable improvement over what I had been experiencing before. The choppiness makes the game virtually unplayable and completely breaks the immersion.

So I figured I'd do a fresh install. So I uninstalled TWD and re-downloaded it via Steam. When I started it up after the install, the problem was much worse than before! So I restarted my whole system and tried to run the game again. The problem had improved significantly but there was still very frequent choppiness.

After getting home from work today (computer having been off for 5+ hours), I tried booting up TWD again to see if the problem had some how magically vanished. No dice. So as a last resort, I decided to write this thread. PLEASE HELP! I love this game and I just want to understand why this is happening since I had no problems playing Ep. 1. As a side note, I can all of the most recent games on their highest settings on my system with little-to-no choppiness.

Some details about my system: Geforce GTX 550 Ti, AMD Phenom II X4 840T, 6.0 GB RAM, Windows 7 (64-bit). Peripherals: R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse, HP keyboard, a 24 inch Samsung HDTV monitor (native res. 1920 x 1080) w/ a 19 inch HP monitor (HP w1907 native res. 1400 x 900), Logitech HD Webcam.

If anyone has any advice or opinions on this, please share! I will be eternally grateful!!!!
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  • Bump. I can't believe no one has any advice on this
  • I've had a similar issue since Episode 1. Still no fix.
  • Try adjusting your screen resolution to match the specs of whatever monitor you're using.

    I had the same problem (mouse lag) on my imac and adjusted the screen resolution to match that of my computer (the game default resolution was far smaller than the imac).
    Once I did that I didn't have any problems at all. Hope it works for you
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