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  • You can't trust strangers in these times (especially in the US it seems). So I asnwered their questions very vagely. Later I thought they were actually bandits/prisoners, who killed the original owners of the farm (until I saw the picture of the lady and her husband in the house).

    Hearing about their deals with the bandits also made me quite alert.

    In the wood, when the other guy shoot the crazy woman, I knew that they're up to something. And when the lady didn't let me see Mark, I wanted to grab a gun and shoot them all, but the game didn't allow it.

    So ... I thought that they might be dangerous at the beginning and then my suspicions just grew stronger. But I didn't expect what they were doing, until I've seen the slaughterhouse in the barn. That was really quite surprising.

    But in the end I didn't kill the brothers. I thought that the walkers or bandits would get them as wounded as they were. That seemed to be a good solution and you don't make your hands dirty in front of the kids and can actually play the good guy.
  • Vainamoinen;631525 said:
    No need to guess. The forum spoiled me before I could say "oh, that is an interesting thread titl... aaaaarghhhhh!!!". ;)
    That's why I stayed away from the forums before the release of Ep. 2. Sucks that you have to read them though. :(

    But I knew there would be a twist somewhere - it was too good to be true that there is a thriving farm in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I thought perhaps they might have been killing people off to prevent competition in terms of food sources, hence the traps and the bloody clothes in the barn. There was a slight suspicion that they kill people for sport. Very slight, mind you - the whole set-up reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    I didn't think they would actually EAT poor Mark, and kept him alive to do so! That was a shocker. I knew they were creepy, but I didn't see that part coming at all.
  • Guessed right away.

    1. The family wanting to feed everyone in our group was suspicious. As if the group was going to be fattened up for eating.

    2. I thought the suggested abundance of food was strange. This was a dairy farm, not a crop or meat farm.

    3. The bandits making references to trades, but not specifically mentioning gasoline made me think that people must have been traded.

    Also, analyse the general story. There was a famine, a giant house in a forest clearing, a welcoming larger mother figure and the promise of food. Hansel and Gretel anyone? :P Even Katja was kept separate from Lee's group, like Gretel and Hansel. And, although not in chronological order, there was a bird and bread in the beginning of the story.
  • Likewise, the instant I saw the two of them I pretty much said "Yeah, those guys are gonna try to eat us". Danny in particular gave it away, fell right into the "looks like Cesare" trope, kinda like Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings but with shorter hair.

    All the questions about camp security, number of people in the group, who's in charge, etc. didn't help. Likewise for the fact they wanted us to go back to the farm with them.

    Then of course there's the fact the Dairy's operational and able to produce enough food to feed everybody with only one cow, that was another big red flag, likewise for the fact that the only survivors on the farm belong to one family.

    Then there's the outright lie about turning on the fence "oh, I heard you yell and give me the all clear", the fence turned on right before the bandit attack, not after... and at the instant Lee and Mark were on the other side of it to boot.

    Not being able to go into the house to see or help with the dinner preparation, visit Mark, or go near the barn unsupervised kinda clinched it for the "they're eating people" theory.
  • yes lee it's all people in here
  • I was incredibly naive and didn't pick it. I knew something was up (but I didn't clue into them being cannibals until I was heading up the stairs towards the bedroom), but I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt, probably for the following reasons:

    - I wasn't suspicious about dinner cause I'd seen all their crops out back and thought we'd just be eating vegetables.
    - I didn't key in to what Jolene was rambling about, just thought she was crazy and I was a bit focused on the crossbow.
    - I didn't notice Danny was sitting by the swing and didn't get to have that creepy conversation with him.
    - Andy's explanation for the bloody tool room seemed like it could have had merit.
    - I haven't read the comics and so I'm not quite conditioned to the "if its too good to be true it isn't nature".

    And personally I think that made it better for me. I imagine keying into it alongside Lee felt way creepier and atmospheric than guessing it from the start.
  • You know I kinda fell for it because it seemed the most likely scenario that I convinced my self it wouldn't be that simple. I even started to think maybe it was just the creepy guy Danny, or at least the two brothers doing something behind their moms back.
    With Kenny being somewhat irrational I didn't even make Lee check the barn. I was going to, had Andy outside, got the mulit-tool and everything.

    Then I thought maybe it was all a misunderstanding, and I was going to screw everything up for the group and boy was I wrong. That will teach me to second guess my instincts.
  • lol did anyone actually go to dinner without checking on mark?
  • I want to try but I'm scared to start a new game and lose all my saves again.
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