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First original Telltale adventure in 10-18 months?

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According to Dan Conners via this 1up interview.


Telltale Games has quickly established itself as a force in the adventure gaming genre, today releasing the final installment of the second strong season of the Sam & Max episodic series (the first season of which is headed to Wii), and just yesterday announcing the development of the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episodic series for WiiWare.

But with both series based on existing properties, the question of when the developer will strike out with its own original title/series is one on the minds of many gamers. Speaking with 1UP about the just-announced Strong Bad series, Telltale CEO Dan Connors discussed the company's strategy to date, and when we might see an original project.

"Right now, we're still building the Telltale brand, and not having enormous marketing budgets to work with for an original title, we work with these franchises that are known, and that helps build an audience for Telltale," said Connors. "And as Telltale gets more cred, our ability to take something -- some crazy idea, and believe me there's plenty of crazy ideas kicking around out there -- and execute it and bring it to life in one of our episodic formulas or as a standalone episode... the groundwork's all there."

"So we're in a really good place for that to start popping up, whether it's from things kind of shooting off like a Flint Paper series or something completely different than Sam & Max or Homestar," continued Connors. "Maybe our own game where you investigate a missing person or whatever -- all of this stuff is possible with our tools and with our ideas. And the fact that we're independent and have our own distribution channel means it's going to start happening really soon. It's still just part of a strategy, and Telltale takes very deliberate steps along the way."

Asked how soon we might see such an original project, Connors replied, "I'd say the earliest would be 10 months, and the longest would probably be 18 months. We can do so many games in a year, so an original is reasonable to squeeze in there somewhere."

But, as Emily says on Mojo "There are still no plans for it. We might be in a position to start thinking about it in the timeframe Dan mentioned, but it's not as if we're secretly working on an original game that we're going to spring on everyone ten months from now.

Sorry to be the spoil sport. It's just that speculation kills part of my soul..."

Still, happy that it's something on the horizon and in Telltale's forthcoming plans.

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