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TWD: Save Data Corrupted (PS3)

posted by pshomii on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
Something weird happen to my The Walking Dead game save data. I was all set and ready to play my third play-through for Episode 2. I started up the game and it said "Save Data Corrupted"... All my data was erased!!! Anybody else have this problem? Now I have to start over.

It's also worth mentioning that once I turned on the PS3, I went and synched my trophies then I started up the game.
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  • tonyyy123;632781 said:
    same thing here!! its happened twice already!! how can we prevent the files from getting corrupted??? i dont want to have to keep replaying all the episodes
    as of yet, no one from TTG will even acknowledge the bug
  • what the f*ck!!! so were gonna have to replay ALL the previous episodes everytime a new episode comes out?? thats inexcusable is there any way we can contact the TTG tech team directly? this needs to be fixed i already bought the season pass
  • PuhChewyChomp;632742 said:
    Is this gonna get fixed or what? It's pointless to play if my games are gonna auto delete.
    I completely agree with this. It'll simply be a waste of time if save files keep getting erased.
  • Buuuump. Can anyone see me?
  • same thing here on the pc
  • still no assistance
  • Yup... this just happened to me again. After it corrupted the first time and erased all my save slots, I re-started playing the game. First playthrough was fine all the way through Ep 2. Second playthrough was fine as well. Third playthrough, when loading up Episode 2 after just completing Ep. 1 it wouldn't load. Got that message, "Save Data Corrupted."

    I know Telltale is working on a fix, possibly, and I hope it comes out soon. I'm just frustrated after investing all this time only to have my saves erased.

    Also worth mentioning, if it helps TellTale; I do have an older PS3 model (Original 60GB Model from launch).

    I don't know if I want to invest anymore time into this game, but I will patiently wait for a fix, hopefully.
  • Happened to me today...
    I feel your pain.... They stole hours from our live by making a game that is glitchy as fuck....
    Bethesda ( Which sucks ) ----> (TTG lower than shit)
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