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For everybody that loves zombie games about humans

posted by eugene22n on - last edited - Viewed by 846 users
I have really enjoyed this Walking Dead game and can't wait for the next episodes.

I hope people don't get upset but I want to let people know that there is a great game being funded on Kickstarter called "Dead State". It's also a zombie game that is focused on humans. It's going to be a great zombie RPG.

Please take the time to take a look and consider pledging to this great future game:

Here is the trailer:

Here is the FAQ:,1466.0.html

Here is the Kickstarter:

Sorry for the "spamming" but I just know that if you love this game and RPG's you will love Dead State.

Thought I am not affiliated with Dead State aside from being a pledger, if you have any questions about the game I'm happy to answer here.
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