The Walking Dead Technical Support FAQ - READ BEFORE CREATING A NEW THREAD

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All technical support issues should be posted in our Game Support forum, not in the The Walking Dead General forum. Please post in the correct subforum for your platform (PC/Mac, iOS, Xbox, PS3)

What are the system requirements?

PC System Requirements

OS: XP Service Pack 3
Processor: 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB Space Free
Video Card: ATI or NVidia card w/ 512 MB RAM (Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics)
DirectX®: Direct X 9.0c
Sound: Direct X 9.0c sound device

Mac System Requirements

OS: Snow Leopard (10.6.X)
Processor: 2.3 Ghz Intel
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB Space Free
Video Card: 512 MB NVidia or ATI graphics card
Additional: Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics or Mac Minis or early-generation MacBooks

Help, I...

Make sure your video and audio drivers are up to date. Do this before you do anything else. Keeping your drivers current is a good practice in general. Also make sure to install the latest updates for your operating system.

Help! I'm trying to launch the game and immediately getting a "WalkingDead101.exe has stopped working" error. What do I do?!

There's a few things you can do to resolve this. First, make sure you meet the minimum requirements for the game. This is important. If you don't meet the minimum requirements, there may be little if anything we will be able to do to troubleshoot your issue.

Try unplugging your gamepad and all non essential USB devices.

Try rebooting your system.

If you're using Steam, verify the integrity of the game cache. If you're not sure how to do this, the link below will walk you through it.

Please try if the game works if you disconnect from the internet. Make sure all Network adapters are disabled.

Please check the properties of the Steam.exe, and the games .exe files, and disable any compatibility mode and "run as admin" settings.
Sometimes compatibility mode is checked, but is grayed out. Then you have to click on "Change settings for all users" at the bottom to disable the checkbox.

If it still doesn't work, try right-clicking game's executable, which is WalkingDead101.exe, and then click Run As Adminstrator.

If that doesn't work either, right-click the game's executable, click Properties, click the Compatibility tab, and then check the options to run in compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME. Also check the option to disable desktop composition.
That's a last resort option, as it changes the savegame folder location and can cause stuttering in some cases.

I'm launching the game through Steam and nothing is happening.

Try following the troubleshooting steps outlined for the previous question.

I'm using an ATI card and the performance is choppy in the woods in the beginning.

This is a known issue with the ATI drivers. You can temporarily turn shadows off in the options menu of the game to resolve this. Once you're through that portion of the game, you can change your shadow settings back to what they were.

I'm using an ATI card and there's texture corruption, or large black boxes on the screen.

This will happen if you're forcing anti-aliasing in your ATI Catalyst Control Center. Please set anti-aliasing to "Application Controlled" and it will resolve this issue.

How do I get my gamepad to work?

As of right now, we currently support the Xbox 360 and the Logitech gamepad on the PC. Make sure your gamepad is plugged in and turned-on prior to loading the game. As of right now, we do not officially support gamepads on the Mac.

Download issues with the Mac version of the Telltale build (the one downloaded from our site)

We’re aware that a small percentage of Mac users are having an issue with this, and we are in the process of making changes to how these files are delivered that should resolve this issue. However, please make sure that you have a strong connection to the Internet prior to beginning the download. Anything that causes the game to lose focus, including a screen saver, may also cause the download to stop.

Episode 1 choices not being carried into Episode 2 on the PC.

We are investigating this issue now but have not yet been able to reproduce it under normal play. Please keep in mind that if you use the Rewind feature on your current save game, you will need to play through Episode 1 on that save to completion before the choices will transfer into Episode 2. This is why we recommend copying your save to a separate slot before using Rewind.

If you’re currently experiencing this issue, please open the folder that you installed The Walking Dead to. If you find a prefs.prop file in this folder, move (move; don't copy) it to your save game folder and overwrite the file that’s currently there. By default, that folder is located here:

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

Windows 7
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

Accessing Episode 2 on the Xbox 360

A few people have reported that they've fully downloaded Episode 2, but it's still showing "Get" on the Episodes menu. We have not been able to reproduce this internally, however, it's been reported by multiple people experiencing this issue that signing out of your profile on Xbox Live, and then signing back in and attempting to download Episode 2 again is resolving it.

Accessing Episode 2 on EU PSN

The Episodes menu from within the game may not currently be recognizing that you own the Season Pass. However, if you load the PSN Store, it will correctly recognize that you own Episode 2 and you will be able to download it. You can also load the Store directly from the Episodes screen within the game. You will not be charged for Episode 2 if you have purchased a Season Pass.

The camera moves under the ground when attempting to leave the train in Episode 3

We are currently aware of this issue and are investigating a potential fix. To resolve it, please quit back to the main menu and then reload your game. The issue should not happen again.


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    Just updated the first post with a few issues that have popped-up since Episode 2 was release.

    I definitely apologize for any frustration these issues may have caused, but please know that they are being investigated and worked on. A patch/title update for the game across all platforms is in the works, but I don't currently have an ETA on when it will be released, or any information on what fixes will be included.

    Thread updated again with a current known issue in Episode 3.
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    A few save game related issues are outlined below.

    What happened to my save games on the Xbox 360?

    If you're not seeing your saves at all on the 360 version, please make sure you're logged in with the profile that you purchased the game on. If you are, please log out of your profile and then log back in, from within the game. Your saves should reappear after doing this.

    I've already beaten Episodes 1 and 2 and when attempting to load Episode 3, it asks me to randomize my decisions. Are my choices lost?

    No, they're not! This is slightly complicated, but there are a few things that can cause that to pop up.

    If you quit out of either of the first two episodes during the end of the game or on the stats screen, before the credits roll, it won't successfully flag your game as having been completed. However, all of your choices are correctly saved and you can import them into Episode 3 without issue. You WILL get a prompt asking if you would like to randomize your choices for this episodes since your save game isn't technically flagged as being completed, but your choices ARE saved and WILL import into the new Episode. When it asks you if you want to randomize your choices, say YES. Again, this is misleading, but it WILL import your choices.

    This issue can also pop up if you've ever used the Rewind feature to revisit certain portions of either of the previous Episodes. Once you've done that, your save will no longer be flagged as completed and will not update again until you've beaten the game and gotten to the credits screen. Your choices will still be saved, however, and saying yes to the random choices prompt when starting a new episode will actually import your choices correctly.

    The long and short of this is that if you have successfully completed Episodes 1 and 2 at some point on your current save, and are getting the randomized choices prompt on Episode 3, you can safely ignore it. The only time it would actually randomize your choices is if you haven't actually played Episodes 1 and/or 2.

    I know this is totally confusing, and we are looking into an update to make this process more clear. I definitely apologize for any confusion or frustration it's caused.
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