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Episode 2 download: in-game only? *RANT* *PC version*

posted by Gramb0 on - last edited - Viewed by 337 users
is the only way to download episode 2, by doing so IN-GAME??!!!:mad:

*if there is an alternative please stop reading now, and tell me*

If so, I MOST say, thats a really BAD idea, becouse of the lack of a proper download manager.

what do I mean?

Well, I got a slow internet connection, downloading the game itself took over an hour, now when downloading episode 2, it just inform me of "% complete", no information of the file-size.

this might be border-line ok for console, but for PC, what am I supposed to do? just leave my PC while letting it download for an unknown time?
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  • Not sure I understand. Are you using Telltale or Steam? Steam treats the new EP as a patch to the original Episode, so at least you can get a good idea of how much you have to go in total (I think it was 900 megs for the second Episode, only 500 for the first -- but I might be confusing packed with unpacked size).

    But in any case with Steam you download with the game client off.
  • can i asked how come mined doesnt have any download content or so?
  • I use TellTale, I was not aware it was on steam when I bought it.

    I been trying to download by running the game in window-mode, having it in the backround, but then a continuing download-error kicks inn (that error seems common according to what I read on the forum).
  • Wish I could help you, but I got nothing better to suggest than to try and download at night when the load is lighter.

    What is it about zombie games and bugs anyway? Dead Island, Walking Dead... Valve did pretty well with Left4Dead though.
  • "at night"? by what timezone?
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