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Quest for Infamy - Demo and Kickstarter

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Dear all,

We’re excited to announce our very first commercial project. We’re going back to our roots and finally bringing you the game that bought this group together, Quest for Infamy. And we need your help!

The Fully Playable Demo is here -


Right now, it’s only available for PC, but a Mac version should be coming soon!

We’re launcing a Kickstarter to raise funds and we are now LIVE! Come on by, grab a copy of the demo - play it, enjoy it, and if you like it and want to see the game completed, make a pledge! We really appreciate all the support of the fans. You guys are awesome.

And don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter. Check out new website below for more information on our commercial ventures.
@InfamousQuests @IA_games




Please, any questions - don’t hesitate to ask me!!

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