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Telltale's consumer based "Hint's and Tips"

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Since Telltale is cool, and LucAssfarts isnt, I feel there is a heck of a chance you could see a game made that you actually want! Personally, I'm tired of swinging the ol' digital lightsaber around. You know what I mean?

Come to think of it, what do YOU want to see from Telltale?

Personally, Ren and Stimpy are two excellent characters for an adventure. I think. No? Eh.
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    You're not being entirely fair to LucasArts. Sure they cancelled two games which could have re-established adventure games in the mainstream (Admittedly, one of them wasn't looking particularly good, but still...) and for that they should all burn in the fire of a thousand suns.

    But they have released a few games over the last few years which were good, some very good, technically they were all Star Wars, but in many ways, it is a very flexible license, with a rich universe to it and a lovingly chronicled history. (Before anyone says it, no, I'm not a Star Wars geek, I've only seen the original films once, not even in the right order, and I quite liked the new ones) KoToR has already been mentioned, Jedi Academy I enjoyed, Battlefront is a good, if flawed game that tries to capture the essence that made Battlefield so enjoyable. Galaxies was a good first attempt into an MMORPG, again flawed, but still enjoyable, and a lot better now than it was.

    Anyway, a little off topic there, sorry about that.

    A discworld game would be excellent, anyone remember Noir? Good game, even if I had to turn the gamma right up to see anything.
    Pfft at LA- we're being fair- they aren't. Since when did a gaming company decide they know what the world wants in games, when in reality they are trying to TELL us we want 50 different Star Wars games - I mean honestly- HOW many have been made now?

    Sif it's hard to allocate a little bit of funding to the MI project or the S&M project.....bah at them! Go TT!
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    It would be really awsome if Telltale bought the rights to Infocom and rereleased all the old games. It's harder to find a Masterpeices of Infocom CD than it is to find a copy of Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway.
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    Some of the IPs I'd most like to see turned into Adventure games:
    3) Uncle Scrooge (the comic book stories by Carl Barks and Don Rosa) -- These stories are mostly about "quests" in the form of treasure hunts, and about overcoming obstacles and challenges that are very much like traditional Adventure game puzzles. They'd be perfect.
    Indeed! Uncle Scrooge would be perfect, and could offer some Maniac Mansion-like features (switching between Scrooge, Donald and Huey/Dewey/Louie could make for some really advanced and interesting puzzled á la Gobliiins or DOTT). Or even the more modern-day "Duck Tales" TV series is quite possible to turn into a point-n-click adventure.
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    Duck tales i funny B-)
  • Would you really want our lovely independant Telltale Games to make a pact with Disneycorp ?

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    I would love to see games again that are similar to...
    Monkey Island
    Indiana Jones
    Sam & Max
    Space Quest
    Rise of the Dragon
    Kings Quest
    Quest for Glory series
    Maniac Mansion
    The LSLs... Except the newest ones.. that was terrible..

    And some of the newer..
    The Kyrandia series
    The Longest Journey

    I could go on and on.. but those are some of my retail favs...
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    maybe they will complete Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix
  • maybe they will complete Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix
    Umm. That would involve a publishing deal with LucasArts. And from what I gather, LucasArts aren't particularly enamoured with the adventure genre at this time.
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    Wouldn't they have scrapped all the old work, anyway the latest Indy games are very far from the adventure genre, it would just confuse everyone.
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    that Indy and the ... was canceled
    and it was a point 'n click game
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