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[Ep1-3, SPOILERS]Team Lilly vs. Team Kenny (merged threads)

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All of Kenny's decisions are about taking risks. A lot of them unnecessary or not that thought out. "We break the lock and see what they're hiding. If those farmers give us trouble we take em' out" or something like that. Let's not forget rushing to rescue his family without even grabbing a weapon or looking for the other brother. Some are sensible risks like we have to leave our safe haven otherwise we starve. Lilly is all about playing it safe. She doesn't want any new people because they are unknowns and extra mouths to feed. She doesn't want to risk leaving a place they know is safe to try to find someplace with more food that might not exist. When given enough suspicions about the farm, she suggests just leaving without snooping around or getting dinner. She also doesn't want to loot the car because it might not be abandoned and she doesn't want to risk fucking up somebody's life. The only time they are reversed is with Larry for obvious reasons. Just my two cents.
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  • Interesting Theory. I can't wait to see more characterization in Episode three
  • From these 2 episodes I see Kenny gets shit done and jumps to action.

    If Carley and Glenn didn't save Lee and Kenny's group and let them into the drugstore Lilly would of probably died in there due to starvation.

    When Kenny got in there he made shit happen and started handing out commands instead of sitting there like Lilly wanted to.
  • i think thats more an arguement to why lilys better off without larry holding her down
  • I almost forgot that if you save Doug, you get alerted to the St. John's before they get to the motel. Lilly wants to stay quiet and let them pass, while Kenny wants to confront them. I'm not saying ones better than the other. You need to have a balance of knowing when to take a risk and when to play it safe. If you do only one you either don't get anything done, or you do something stupid and get yourself killed. Kenny, when he feels threatened, isn't going to find the best way to take a risk. Lilly will find something that works and sticks to it, even if it means starving.
  • Lee needs to be in charge
  • I prefer Kenny's approach. In a situation like that, you need to go big or go home. I'd prefer the risks of the roads over sitting with a thumb up your ass in a motel as the people you've grown to love start going hungry. At least with Kenny, you're out trying to do something.
  • CapnJay;635559 said:
    i think thats more an arguement to why lilys better off without larry holding her down
    I see Lilly's character being mostly the same, though, even without Larry around. It's clear that most of her decisions she comes up with on her own - it's just apart of her personality. The abandoned car is the perfect example of what Zeekay980 has pointed out - Lilly doesn't like to take risks, even if it is possibly detrimental to the group. I think we are possibly going to see her character harden a bit, now that Larry is dead - with her opening up emotionally to Lee (if you tried to help her save Larry) or becoming mroe antagonistic (if you help Kenny in the meatlocker). One thing's for sure - she is definitely going to see that taking a risk by going to the farm ultimately ended up bad.

    It's clear though that Lee needs to step up and take over, because something bad is going to happen if they are ALWAYS taking risks, or if they NEVER take a risk. Clearly we need someone who can take a middle route.
  • CapnJay;635562 said:
    Lee needs to be in charge
    YES PLEASE! Which is one of the reasons why I made Lee say "he was in charge" and raided the abandoned car to feed the group.

    He needs to be seen as being able to do shit and not just take orders from Kenny.
  • I don't mind having Lilly in charge. If you side with her, she really softens up towards you. First and foremost, my Lee is a solid role model to Clem. Lilly puts the group first, whereas Kenny acts on what he thinks is best. It's not about taking risks, it's about taking unnecessary risks. Did checking the barn REALLY achieve anything? Couldn't Kenny have waited a little longer in the meat locker? Why not MAKE A PLAN before running off unarmed after these gun-wielding maniacs who clearly have no qualms with killing the non-undead? Lilly keeps everyone going, Kenny makes a mess, my Lee picks up the pieces.

    I think there will be a divide between Team Lilly and Team Kenny (in-game and on these forums, no doubt) and, unless Carley gives me a convincing argument to the contrary, I'm thinking Lilly is the one I should stick with. I think she's going to be ridiculously loyal to and defensive of the group instead of Kenny only caring about his immediate family.

    If I had to put money on the cause of the big argument in the Episode 3 trailer, I'd say it's something to do with Kenny's family. If there was anyone able to "screw it up for everyone," it'd have to be Kenny or Duck, right?
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