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MAC users install instructions - Episode 2

posted by blackvulcan3 on - last edited - Viewed by 6K users
Hi guys,

For those who have had trouble installing "Starved for help" try this and everything should work okay.

Open the game and you will get a message to return to the telltale website to download an update.

Go to your account and choose the Mac icon from the "your purchases" section next tot the walking dead. This is not the second episode, just a vital update. It's about 550MB.

Then once this is done install the game by dragging it from the disk image to the applications folder.

Open the game and now go to Downloadable Content. Episode 2 "Starved for help" should have the word "Get" next to it, click on "Get"

You will now download from inside the game. Do not break connection as it starts again (I found that out at 73%, nice)

Anyway, hope this helps.
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  • Well, it seems it's not a small percentage, but ALL Mac users.
    I think so! I personally don't know any Mac user who has not had any problems.
  • I've just tried doing a clean install, so deleting EVERY file I could find which has something to do with The Walking Dead and start over...
    Still no luck in downloading episode 2... Crashes at 80/81% again.
    This was my 7th try.
  • Small percentage? Bullshit! So sick of Telltale
  • BitToTheFuture;634089 said:
    I think so! I personally don't know any Mac user who has not had any problems.
    It seemed early on that it was only Mac users outside the USA, but this may have been then and not really indicative of how many people were affected.
  • Thanks all for the support of this thread and the other in relation to the drop outs.

    I was very disappointed to see that as a dedicated purchaser of multiple games from Telltale that I was banned for two days for raising that certain people were able to play this game and we, as MAC users and legitimate purchasers, were not.

    I'm very disillusioned over this as for Telltale $25 may not be a lot of money, but for me it is and every day I see others playing this game that I can't I get frustrated, even more so for other reasons that I cannot and will not mention for fear of further retribution.

    Yes its only a game, but its one I paid for that I can't play.

    So lets hope what Mike said in Bit's post above is true and they are working on it and we may see that future episodes are not so glitchy. I'm hopeful, but not holding my breath.
  • Wow....

    I'll give Telltale ANOTHER week to get this SMALL problem, amongst a SMALL percentage of us folks, resolved.

    Then, I will take that refund into stronger consideration.

    And that sucks that you were banned, blackvulcan3.
  • Wow .........this whole situation is just crazy..... i just want to play my game that I paid for... my only solace in this situation is that I didn't waste $50 cause at least my daughters season pass I purchased for her on ps3 is working...... I really hope this situation is remedied soon and at the very longest before ep 3 is released. I am sorry that you were banned blackvulcan3. lets just hope that this is being worked on like Mike's post says.... just sad..
  • My in game download doesn't complete also, despite a stable (but slow) connection. Please fix this!
  • What I think might be gesture would be to all us poor mac suffers offer us the pack that had all the games for nothing for the dramas we've all gone through....might be least we could play something TT related....
  • I have the same issue. Episode 2 stops downloading consistently at 47%. I emailed in with the issue. It seems like emailing is no use, and this problem has persist for a while. Sorry this post doesn't help everyone, but I just wanted to jump in on the complaint.
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