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Telltale, answer my emails.

posted by glitchtastic on - last edited - Viewed by 275 users
I am absolutely tired of sending you guys emails and posting threads on this forum that never get answered. I'm sure you can see from my purchase history that I have spent hundreds of dollars on your merchandise over the years. I have bought nearly every game you've released on either the PC or the PS3 and I've bought plenty of other merchandise from you as well. This is how you treat customers that give you so much money? You can't even be bothered to respond? It's been weeks since I sent you the first email and have not heard one word from you. In the space of two weeks you have completely squandered all the goodwill that took you years to earn with me.

Please respond to me before I become very angry. I am trying to get a refund for my purchase of The Walking Dead. I would like it right now. Tell me what information you need from me to get the ball rolling on this.
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