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Making tough decisions - Moral codes? Rules of thumb?

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I'm wondering if people have any general rules or codes of conduct they look to when faced with making a tough decision in a split second.

For example, I've seen people on these boards mention that they generally try to protect women and children first in times of danger.

I myself tend to favour characters that have saved me from danger previously above any other factors. It's the reason I tried to help Shawn before Duck on Hershel's farm and also why I saved Carley instead of Doug at the drug store.

Anyone else?
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  • I've been pretty much been going by a mix of "what would I do in the situation" and "gut feelings" to get myself through it. Now, granted. I have made a few choices that were not quite ideal to my morals. But, hey. Its a zombie apocalypse. Its not all sunshine and rainbows.

    Decisions I don't regret: Saving Carly, cutting the guys leg off. Saving Duck over Shawn.
    Decisions I regret: Helping Kenny kill Larry (I felt awful for it), lying to Hershel (small thing, but IRL i'm pretty honest about stuff) and agreeing to steal from the car at the end of ep. 2.

    Also another key factor in my decisions: Clementine comes first. End of story.
    She's adorable and smart! Like my momma-bear instincts kick in with her, lol.
  • One thing I'm worried about is that I might become a bit like Kenny. He will do anything to protect his family, probably at the cost of someone elses life. Right now, Clem and Carley are the most important characters to me. While I will try to lookout for the group, I will have no trouble in dropping everything to rush and save them over someone else.

    The interesting part is that I had no problem in taking the food from that car. The door was opened and the headlights where left on, meeting they took off in a hurry (walkers maybe came along). So, the owners might be dead and if we don't take it, then someone else will, most likely bandits.
  • Moral codes: None

    Rules of thumb: Kenny is always right.
  • Kaapo;637083 said:
    Moral codes: None

    Rules of thumb: Kenny is always right.
    Lol, not exactly, but okay...

    My rule of thumb is always to put the children's safety above all else. Making sure the next generation survives should be important for the continuation of our species. (That, and being a mommy means that all children tug at my heart strings! Been playing my Lee as someone who looked forward to having a family, but it never worked out for him).

    Morals are a bit harder, because they usually come about based on need and influence from the current state of world affairs (an example being vigilantism taking place in the Old West, but nowadays you would never dream of calling executions without a trial "justice"). Right now, I think I would try to hold up as many morals as I can, unless they put more than myself in immediate danger.
  • Rules of thumb:

    Keep viable population in mind at all times. Keep the kids fed and watered and try to keep a decent male/female ratio. Part of why I'm fairly worried about the group in my Doug playthrough.

    Try to maintain a middle ground if possible and be diplomatic when not, nobody's right in all situations.

    Leave as few enemies alive as possible. Cuts down on witnesses and the risk of survivors seeking vengeance.

    Avoid leaving people to turn into walkers whenever possible. Kill them myself if necessary.

    I don't really know if there's a difference between morals and rules of thumb in this case. Some things aren't pleasant but are for the greater good.
  • Make decisions as if i was the one making them.
  • I'm in agreement with Gennadios. All those points are defo valid. When I decided to take the food from the car, I had hoped after taking two boxes, there was an option to leave a box there, you know, in case those people came back? Obviously, survival is the most important thing, but a conscience is important as well. Ah, well, bet that food tasted great!
  • Rule of thumb: Do what is best to protect Clem

    Moral Code: Don't kill any (alive) people.

    I figure if Lee doesn't kill any (alive) people then when the truth comes out at the end that he murdered someone then the folks will look kindly on me when they see I have not been going blood thirsty hacking at everyone (alive) that I could. Would make them trust Lee, despite his past.

    And protecting the girl is a no brainier. It's really the only think making Lee human and not a freed convict.
  • Rule of thumb: Leave no one alive
    Moral Code: Leave no one alive
  • Do you guys go back and change your decisions? I sometimes do. Like I regretted so much stealing from the car I had to rewind and not do it. Felt much better.

    That's why I play on two different files, making different decisions on each one, one being my "main" game, the other just to see what happens when I make the other decisions. But I guess it would make it even more intense if I promised myself I wouldn't rewind. There is no rewind-button in real life!

    I felt awful when I helped kill Larry, but didn't rewind on that, though. I don't want to side with Lilly.
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