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  • Maybe I'm just an untrusting person... but I felt something wasn't right the minute I stepped foot in that farm. After the two brothers began acting weirder and weirder, the bizarre interaction with the crazy lady in the woods, and "Momma" making off-handed comments about "dinner" all the time.... I had a hunch something was really fucked up here. After that whole incident in the barn, I knew for a fact it was time to give these people the smackdown.
  • I was kind of bummed out that I figured it out right away. I just caught up with the comics so the cannibal element of it was fresh (no pun intended) in my mind. Once they required us to come with them to do the exchange I knew it was bad news. I wish TellTale had been a little more subtle about the whole thing honestly.
  • Knew it was cannibalism from the very beginning. I've read enough post-apocalyptic fiction and seen enough movies to just automatically assume cannibalism whenever somebody boasts about having "plenty of food". Didn't make the episode any less awesome though.
    HolyWalkersBatman;632986 said:
    Once they required us to come with them to do the exchange I knew it was bad news.
    That part wasn't really a red flag, actually. They weren't going with them to make the exchange, they were going to check out the electric fence.
  • I knew cannibalism was part of this story the moment I read "Starved for help".

    Tho granted, this was before Ep 2 was out, so my money was on Kenny and his family going cannibal! XD
  • I'm a bit ashamed to admit I didn't guess the cannibalism part at all.

    I suspected something fishy immediately when I saw the two brothers, there was nothing sincere whatsoever about them, but I couldn't pin it down. The electric fence coming on and Andy's excuse made me certain they were up to no good - Mark hadn't even shouted before the fence came on. Still, cannibalism didn't cross my mind.

    Their constant talk about supper didn't make me suspicious of cannibalism either. People are pointing out it's a dairy farm, not a ranch, but... did they ever mention it would be a meat-based meal? If yes, I must've overheard it in both of my playthroughs, but if not... why shouldn't it be possible to cook a good meal from the foods of a dairy farm? You could have cooked potatoes, pizza, roasted bread, grilled corn... nothing odd about it.

    Jolene just brought further confirmation of something being up with the St. Johns, but I just thought they were collaborating with the bandits in some way. The back room of the barn had obviously been used to cut people to size, but I still didn't realize cannibalism was going on, I just thought the St. Johns had been murdering other survivors previously camped out on the farm, and chopping down the bodies to dispose of them more easily.

    Even after I heard Mark say "Don't eat dinner" I still didn't come to think of cannibalism... I thought the meal was drugged due to the amounts of morphine I saw earlier in the upstairs closet. As to Mark, I thought maybe Danny had been starting to chop him up but hadn't told Brenda he was already doing it, so Brenda rang the dinner bell and Danny had to leave the job unfinished and come eat to make it look unsuspicious.

    I only actually realized what was going on when I saw the dialogue option "you're eating human meat".
  • macil;631351 said:
    There were no surprises in this episode for me. None.

    [SPOILER]I didn't like the look of their faces (or their eyes) when I met the brothers on the road -- didn't trust them from the start. Trusted them even less when they began asking about the motel, who the leader was (which they persist about later on), how many people were there, etc.

    When you get to the farm, its obviously "too good to be true" (and so it probably is.) I wondered immediately how they could "trade" enough for the gas they needed.

    I guessed they were cannibals as soon as I spoke to the mother -- I mean, the *very first time* (I was certain as I could be without experiencing the rest of the story.) I didn't like her face either.

    The rest of what happened was just confirming what I knew (or "suspected", to be technically precise). What the bandits were yelling when they attacked you: "Give us our food", the mother's refusal to let you see Mark, the crazy lady: "I KNOW what you are!" and so on and so forth.[/SPOILER]

    I enjoyed myself, but I was expecting better after episode 1. And I wished they hadn't [SPOILER]killed Mark, he was cool.[/SPOILER]
    Spot on good sir/madam. Spot on.

    I knew something was funny from the questions of "how many people are in the group." and "Who is the leader." I think they also asked questions about how well armed we were. I answered as defensively as I could. I just knew something was up...all too nosy if you ask me.

    But I was suspicious before that. I dunno, maybe its because of the game atmosphere or maybe I am like that in life. Something about how they made the deal seem so one sided like it only benefited the group and not the two brothers. It was like a mirage in the dessert. You tell some half starved people you have plenty of food and safety and all you want is gas, something they have no immediate use for (and the brothers could get it without the group) its a win/win for the group. Sounded like a bunch of salesmen.

    So as the above quote said everything else after that, the bandit attacks, the barn, the crazy lady it was all confirmation that something was up. It was not until I met the mother and she talked about cooking food that I knew they were chomping on people. They mentioned they only have one cow, no mention of pigs or chickens, just one cow. So where is the meat?

    It was still fun playing it none the less, when i saw the barn (back bloody room) I knew I was right on target.

    Hey telltale throw a curve ball next time eh? Include a dame...guys are suckers for a dame.

    I can't wait to play it in front of my girlfriend. She is a very clever young woman and I am keen to know if she catches on as early as I did. I haven't spoiled a thing for her.
  • CapnJay;632923 said:
    lol did anyone actually go to dinner without checking on mark?
    On a second play-through I tried to eat some Mark tenderloin but whenever i tried to walk into the dining room Mark would say something upstairs and it would not allow the player to join the rest.
  • when mark told me that they shouldn't eat the meat i also thought it was drugged so that the family then could chop everyone into peaces. I also thought that because the game made me race to the diner room to make sure clem wouldn't eat any of the food. I mean of course it isn't nice to have eaten human food but it's not exactly like she would have died from it. Would the game have been over if i wouldn't have gotten to the dining room in time? I just thought this whole "OMG SPIT IT OUT " thing was a bit too much.

    I also guessed the cannibalism thing pretty early and thought it was rediculous that lee would go to diner with andy after he discovered the chopping room and andy just standing there creapily saying "It's dinner time" with a murderer's gaze. But hey he said it's for chopping animals and not my friend who dissappeared a while ago.

    But anyway, i think it would have been kinda cool if everything would have made it seem like they were cannibals but in the end they would have only had a normal dinner and mark would have walked in and there would have been an explanation for everything. And then when you think everything's ok you could have let the family do some other non cannibalistic bad stuff.

    Or even better: Lee and the group could have killed the family or just tried to and let the zombies destroy the farm in the process because they were sure that the family were cannibals only to later make a discovery that the family was normal and that it only was in their head because the situation made them paranoid.Would have also been a great way to play with the expectation of the player and mirror his own "paranoia" in the characters. And maybe mark would have been illed BECAUSE they thought the family were cannibals. would have been very ironic
  • My first thought was that the brothers were somehow in league with the bandits -- that the confrontation in the woods on the way to the farm was a setup for our group's benefit, and that all the talk about "safety" was intended to lure our group to the farm for exploitation of some sort by a larger group. I also noted (and confirmed on my second playthrough) that while Andy claimed he turned the fence on AFTER Mark yelled, in fact Mark was shot after the fence was turned on.

    But I hadn't yet gotten to Volume 11 of the comics (just did yesterday), so cannibalism wasn't the first thing that came to mind. I was thinking something more like capture and enslavement to keep the farm operating -- we could see enough deterioration to think that the family was operating more out of need than kindness. I didn't start to think cannibalism until I started to notice that the "dinner" repeatedly mentioned was remarkably non-specific, and then of course the back room in the barn made the nature of the threat clear.
  • I knew from the second they offered the deal. I just knew and when the group made me go to Andale, I'm sorry did I say "Andale"? No that can't be right, that's the place in Fallout 3 with all the Eerily Happy, and Cordial, Cannibals... No, as soon as the group made me go to The Farm, I knew. Before the oddly intrusive questions on the road, before Brendas creepy "They grow em good" comment about Macon, before the deals with Bandits, before the odd mention of former workers not adding up, Before Danny's suspicious reply to the camcorder and food boxes, before the crazy lady ramblings, and before Kenny and Lilly getting a bad feeling.
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