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Kingdom Hearts

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Title really says it all

I'm gonna start with i find really sad that Roxas spent the whole summer in a machine and has friends but they don't even know him and they don't try to become friends :(
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  • Exactly. It gets a bit confusing once Xion gets involved (particularly involving one Keyblade existing in multiple places at once), but that's basically it.
  • Xion is the first product of the Replica Project (while the other Organization members' names are anagrams of their original names with an X, like Sora/Roxas and Ansem/Xemnas, Xion's name is an anagram of No. I with an X). Just like the Riku Replica was created by Vexen from data he collected by fighting Riku, Xion was created from Sora's memories, leaked through Roxas. In particular, she's created from his memories of Kairi, which is why she looks like her.
  • All right i had forgotten about Sora's memories were leaking and they had to be put back together during the start of Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Right. And that's why Roxas had to re-absorb Xion in Days. Without the memories she was made of, Sora couldn't wake up.
  • I know everything that happens at the end of the kingdom hearts games except re:coded & Dream Drop Resistance and i only beat Kingdom Hearts 2
  • I hate the little mermaid level in KH 2! The songs are awful! and it keeps sending you to the ship till you get the next spell or drive limit to do what it wants you to even if you have it! It makes Sora look like a moron who keeps forgetting he has that powers till he gets to the ship.
  • Aside from the shitty music, the crap twist on rhythm games, and the fact that the English versions of the shitty songs without sound effects aren't available to replace the Japanese ones on the OST (the only such songs in the series, I think), my main problems with Atlantica in KHII are that they didn't feel like bothering to make a full world of it again but still felt compelled to include it anyway, that the story recycles parts of The Little Mermaid not used by the first game while ignoring a fair bit of the story from the first game, and that the Journal requires you to play each of the songs a second time. It doesn't even care how you do, just that you have to endure all of them twice.
  • It's been a while since i played KH 2 i might get some things wrong.

    While i don't think the little mermaid level was horrible it was far from greatness as well. I think the main problem is that Square enix tried to make the level like the Winnie The Pooh world (where it's a bonus world with mini games and you had to come back to it when you had what was needed to continue) But there is a few big differences between the two worlds. 1, The Winnie the pooh world has different mini games so it was not the same boring mini game. 2. The Winnie the pooh world had a reason why it was mini games and why it was a bonus world. It was a bonus world in Kingdom Hearts 1. 3. The only reason i think why The little mermaid's world was in Kingdom Hearts 2 was because it was in Kingdom Hearts 1.
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