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How do you exit the game?

posted by pappers on - last edited - Viewed by 156 users
Whenever I push the 'tab' button for PC version and select 'Exit Game', the whole thing restarts from the beginning. I can't even access my saves from earlier, so I'm stuck starting over.

I've been reading others with similar problems. Have I just spent my hard earned money on a bugging games that the developers are having us beta test as we play?
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  • hey pappers,

    i had the same problem that a pause of the game (pressing ESC, alt tab , or whatever) restarts the game and makes the savegame unusable...

    i played ep1 until the scenes at the drugstore for 4-5 times now... and finally i got the problem resolved.

    just look here:

    i used the second method described. Yesterday eve i started over again, got to the drugstore, paused the game and closed it... its work now, as the game does not restart from all over again whenever i pause the game

    so the solution in the thread above helped me to solve the problem...

    lets hope it helps you too :)
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