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ideas for changing the perspective of season 3

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this was originally written for the "Places to go in Sam & Max: Season 3" thread but it started to become a wall of text covering several topics, so i figured it would be better suited as its own topic

anyways, these are my complete thoughts on what i want for season 3.. and some of them are major changes i am proposing, so i would like everyone else's thoughts on this....

i think it would be cool if in season 3 they make a pool of locations (i guess you could call it a sandbox world), and keep adding to it with each episode... so by the end of the season (if you have all the episodes, you have this massive world by the final episode made of 30+ locations) then update (if not all) of the locations with each episode, and have some of the old stuff come into use again in a whole new way in subsequent episodes

if we see something in one episode, and we have no use for it... remember it, and it may come into use in a later episode (like bosco's x-ray machine, and stinkys stop sign, these are perfect examples)

likewise with the inventory items... make a massive inventory box that carries across the episodes, and make it so that sam stops picking up stuff by himself... make it so that right clicking an object gives you an option to pick it up (this will give TT the opportunity to make a lot more red hearing objects) but an unaseable object in one episode, may come into use later... (sam picking up only certain random objects and not others was always a bit of a pet peeve for me)

and it may also add some play time by adding a free roam mode after the credits where you can wander around the world to see the immediate aftermath of their most recent case (maybe add a bunch of easter eggs for each episode in this mode that only happen after you complete a case) another idea maybe to activate some of these easter eggs on a timer, to have things turn on each week between episodes... so it seems that the world is still moving even after their case (and if you play the game after the fact, maybe they can have a switch at the bottom for which post-case week you want to see, maybe an option to turn it all on, but some of the gags could be multistaged)

oh... and mini games, lots of mini games... maybe even make a pool of those too, so if we have any favorite games from one episode, we can play them again... some may also be made to get harder with each passing episode

obviously.. if you do not have the previous episodes, and you start midway through the season, you will only have the locations that were opened in that episode (unless there is a earlier location that was reused, then you will only have the ability to see that location in its current state, and only use the items needed for that specific episode, not how it was when it was first introduced) this way, the new players have an incentive to play the past episodes and see the rest of these worlds

i would also like to see a major expansion on their street, maybe if the street set was composed of more locations... it would not be so bad for those who hate seeing all those locations over and over again

like have the one tv station set somehow become part of the street, but have it be set up for some different show every episode. maybe make it so they had the maimtron bring a whole bunch of places to their street... like the white house, and a big chunk of the warp building, etc.

one idea to keep all the locations organized, may be to get rid of the old "lets go to..." dialog option, and make a giant spherical world with all kinds of low res renders and paintings showing a good bit of the sam and max world, and make it so that you hit enter or click when you drive past a opened location to go to it (a lot of the locations in this giant circle can be red hearings too, leaving us to wonder which ones are real and will be eventually used)

a cool day/night cycle for the world would be cool too... make it so that as the season progresses the time of day changes (maybe even have a few jokes relevant to the time of day in the various old locations as the season goes on) i know they tried to do this in season 2... with 202 being at dusk, and 204-205 being at night, but i mean an actual progression this time (dawn, mid-day, evening, dusk, night) they can shuffle up the order, but i want to see each episode have its own unique time of day

another way to change the ambiance of each episode is to give the various episodes different weather patterns, like snow, rain, overcast, fire and brimstone, etc. simple weather changes is another way to give a fresh look to old locations

i would also like it if they added a more dynamic camera to the game, make it so that we can right click and drag the camera to move it around a bit... and also add a zoom feature with the scroll wheel (or with some keyboard shortcut for those with wheel-less mouses) so we can really explore the worlds and see all the fine detail in them (but place a limit on how much the camera moves, obviously) maybe add a "1st person" mode where we can look around as sam, (we wont be able to move in this mode) but we can look around as him to see things up close

changing the stock camera angles on the various street locations every episode may help to add more of a fresh look to all the reoccurring locations every episode as well

and maybe they can also start making the locations so that they remove the entire "3rd wall" concept, and have all sides of a location be used and have usable junk on them

basically make all the locations so that they have the benefits of a over-the-shoulder-3rd-person camera, but keep the current cinematic style with the dynamic camera above the action

anyways... those are my ideas, have at em (and if anyone has anything better, go right on ahead) i already know that most of my ideas are going to be hated, so don't feel bad if you shoot any of my concepts down
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    tobar;63680 said:
    Gah, I don't immediately recognize that carpet and flooring. Waiting room in hell?
    sybil's ... I think it might be episode-specific carpet. i just pulled the screen off of a google image search. :)
  • Being able to use inventory items on other inventory items is all I want.

    Well, maybe a separate 'look' function when you right click as well as the default 'interact' left-click, but that's mainly an excuse to add even more hilarious dialogue.
  • Jake;63729 said:
    sybil's ... I think it might be episode-specific carpet. i just pulled the screen off of a google image search. :)
    Yeah the tiles made me want to say Sybil's but that carpet threw me off.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    BlackMageJ;63820 said:
    Well, maybe a separate 'look' function when you right click as well as the default 'interact' left-click, but that's mainly an excuse to add even more hilarious dialogue.
    That's already in, and has been since Culture Shock, if you're talking about the inventory.
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    Maybe that feature can be extended to non-inventory items/hot-spots/Max

    Right-Click on...
    Max-> Sam: "He's my little buddy"
    DeSoto-> Sam: "I love this car", Max: "You're a sick puppy, Sam"
    Lou-> Sam: "Hey Lou, long time no see"

    Left-Click on:
    Max-> Speak to Max
    DeSoto-> Max: "Where to, Sam?
    Lou-> Picks up Item
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The problem with right click to look at is, nobody uses it. It was in both Bone games, and did nothing but maybe (but probably not really) satisfy the ten people who noticed it.
  • then what do you have the tutorial for? okay, us veterans won't probably replay it, but if right-clicking would be on the feature list for the new season we would still notice it.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Telling someone "you can right click things" doesn't mean they'll actually do it. If simply telling someone they could do something would make them do it, the world would have far fewer user interface and functionality challenges (and a lot more dictatorships, I imagine, but that wasn't where I was originally going with this sentence...).
  • Fair enough.

    I guess I'm just one of the ten people who habitually 'examines' everything in most Adventure games (and yes, I right-click on every item in the inventory)
  • I hava also missed a Look-At feature in the games. I just like examining everything before doing anything, so I can anticipate what action might trigger an event. That way it is easier not to miss out on any of the hilarity.

    That said, it did work out great with the current system, so I'm not complaining. but if you ever feel any excess comedy thumping in your heads and you don't know where to put it: Look-At.
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