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  • Gman5852;638758 said:
    I feel like this needs to be done.

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    WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE GLENN WHY? I want to say he can survive that and wind up like Carl who looks rather deformed with half a head, but there is no why Glenn is still alive after that.:(
    We need to merge with the other issue 100 threads. I'm getting my copy on friday, but I could not resist the spoilers. I really thought Rick was gone for good in this issue.
  • I'm still shocked... :eek: Completly gross. Holly shit, I hate Negan now, he killed Glenn like if it was some kind of joke to him!!! I want to see Rick "Lucilling" that son of a bitch!!!!
  • well Kirkman did it.... 100 will be memorable and if I ever meet anyone in the world named Negan ....... God help them........ lol but seriously I thought 100 was way to short and the artwork was very detailed even for Charlie... superb!!!
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